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Muc-Off Punk Powder: new super-sustainable bike cleaner

2 Aug 2021

'World first' plastic-free cleaner goes all-in on sustainability with biodegradable and plant-based ingredients and 92% less packaging

Muc-Off has launched Punk Powder, which the brand claims is 'the world's first plastic-free bike cleaner'.

Although it sounds like something you'd expect from a certain brewery, Punk Powder is a big step forward for Muc-Off as part of its new Project Green commitment to save 200 tonnes of plastic by 2023.

It's taken some development too, with three years and more than 20 variations needed to get to the final product.


Muc-Off CEO, Alex Trimnell, said, 'This has been a real passion project for us as we continue our mission to reduce single-use plastic. Punk Powder embodies everything Muc-Off stands for: a marriage of high performance and sustainability.

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'It had to be just as good as our other bike cleaners, but in a more environmentally focussed and convenient format. The team have done an epic job producing something truly game-changing and totally plastic-free.'

Never mind the bottles

All elements have been refined to provide the most sustainable product possible. It comes in the form of two 30g powder sachets that each make 1 litre of cleaner with the addition of water – any clean water is fine, so it's perfect for bikepacking adventures.


Punk Powder's 'state-of-the-art formula' is made from biodegradable ingredients, three quarters of which are plant-based. On that note, it's also vegan-friendly, with no animal testing involved and vegetable-based inks used on the box.

Buy Muc-Off Punk Powder or Bottle For Life bundle now

By selling it as a powder, Muc-Off says it uses 92% less packaging than for the same amount of regular cleaner and being much smaller and lighter it also helps to massively reduce the shipping impact, with the brand claiming Punk Powder will save over 61 tonnes of plastic globally each year.

What's more, the packaging it does use is 100% plastic and petroleum-free and made from over 50% renewable raw materials. The sachets are also compostable and the box is made from recycled card that can be converted into a funnel, extending its own life and helping prevent any wasted powder.

While the powder means that you can reuse your old cleaner bottle – another obvious environmental benefit – Muc-Off has also used the opportunity to release a new product: the Bottle For Life, a long-lasting aluminium bottle with a non-toxic, food-grade silicone base that you can buy with the powder.

The two-sachet pack of Punk Powder costs £14.99 while the Bottle For Life bundle will set you back £29.99.

Buy Muc-Off Punk Powder or Bottle For Life bundle now

Twin pack: £14.99; bottle bundle: £29.99

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