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Oakley Kato: Oakley launches 'groundbreaking' new glasses

6 May 2021

Oakley's latest innovative glasses wrap around the face like a mask with no frame, adjustable arms and a weird looking nose

Oakley is renowned for pushing the boundaries of sunglass design and its innovative specs have shaped the aesthetics of the pro peloton for decades now, from the Eyeshade to the Jawbreaker to the Sutro.

With lenses getting larger and larger in recent years, it was only a matter of time before someone went the distance and with this new release the American brand has gone all in.

You may have seen Mark Cavendish teasing this launch on his social media with a video of a box covered by an AR countdown. Well, in that box was the brand new Oakley Kato glasses, the latest of crazy-looking sunnies set to take over the world.

Revealed with the tagline 'Unleash your inner superpower,' the name comes from the eponymous hero's assistant in The Green Hornet comic books, once portrayed on TV by Bruce Lee – and you can see why.

Mask on, mask off

It's easy to spot what's radical about these glasses. Shaped like a mask, the single lens sticks out over the nose rather than skirting over it, with the pads on the inside. They're also frameless, but interestingly the top of the lens has been bulked up in an attempt to stiffen the lens in a similar way to a frame.

Alongside that, there's also an adjustable rake system and a choice of nosepads that allow for a customisable and adjustable fit.

The new design does maintain some classic Oakley features, with O Matter stems and Unobtainium earsocks ensuring they're still lightweight, durable and comfortable.

The huge lens uses the brand's Prizm lens technology, enhancing colour and contrast for optimum visibility – which comes in extra handy with the all-round view the design provides.

Caio Arnato, Oakley global brand director, was in full blown superhero-channeling mode when describing the brand's latest offering: 'Our pursuit for the new and unimagined has taken on many forms throughout the brand's history, and the latest is Oakley Kato – a redefinition of aesthetics to usher in a new age of optics for the sports industry. 

'Today represents more than just the release of a new product, it is a moment to remind ourselves that anything is possible, that superheroes are not just found in comic books, but in real life, and we can all aspire to be better than we ever imagined.'

The Oakley Kato glasses are available in grey, blue and red (black, sapphire and road) and unsurprisingly come in at the top end of Oakley's range, setting you back a hefty £231. Turns out being better than you ever imagined doesn't come cheap.

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