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Wiggins hour record bike revealed

Jordan Gibbons
5 Jun 2015

Pinarello and Jaguar combine forces again for the Bolide HR

Unless you’ve been hiding away in a cave for the last few months then you’ll likely have heard the news that some Wiggins bloke is having a stab at the Hour record this weekend. Unlike our very own Stu Bowers who also had a go at it (read more about that here: Amateur Hour) Wiggins has had a new Pinarello completely custom made for him.

Pinarello are long time supporters of the Hour record having provided the bike for Miguel Indurain’s successful attempt in 1994. This time though the bike doesn’t look like a swan (or an accident at the Crayola factory) but is instead a modified version of the Pinarello Bolide time trial bike.

For the design Pinarello have turned to Jaguar for their expertise in modifying the aerodynamics of the World’s winning Bolide TT bike. The big change when going from a road bike to a track back is the reduced chainstay width (130mm down to 120mm) so the bike has to be adapted for that. To assist in the process, Jaguar lent the same computational fluid dynamics design methods as used on the Jaguar XE and applied them to the Bolide HR (we’re guessing it stands for Hour Record…).

To match the skinnier back end, Pinarello have narrowed the fork and brought it close to the front wheel, which will ‘enhance airflow in the bottom bracket area’. The headline attraction though, apart from the Knight of the Realm himself, is the one-piece titanium handlebar. The handlebar has been produced by ‘laser sintering’, which isn’t dissimilar to 3D printing. The outcome is a pair of strong but light handlebars, custom made to fit Wiggins, that should greatly improve comfort over the course of the attempt.

We’ve got tickets to see Wiggins attempt at the Hour Record at the Lee Valley Velopark this Sunday 7th, so look out for a report on the attempt soon after!

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