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Pinarello Gan Disc - the Dogma that you can really ride

17 Feb 2016

The new Pinarello Gan Disc has certainly grabbed our attention.

The new Pinarello Gan Disc has all the makings of a great bike as it's sort of like a relaxed F8, so here's ten things we think you ought to know about it.

1. It’s a Pinarello

OK, call us shallow, but some names just carry a certain prestige and desirability – and not without good reason in Pinarello’s case. Founded in 1952 by Giovanni Pinarello, the Italian firm’s bikes have been ridden to 12 Tour de France wins by seven different riders.

2. It’s dead smart

We love the high-gloss bare-carbon look, finished with subtle red highlights, but it also comes in an eye-catching white version with purple flashes.

3. It’s better than Froome’s bike

Bear with us on this. New for 2016, the Gan range is based on the race-proven tech of the multiple Tour-winning Dogma F8, only toned down to make it less extreme. Basically, it’s not as bone-jarringly stiff, and you won’t need to be as lithe as Chris Froome to get comfy on it. Hence, it’s a better choice than the Dogma for mortals like us.

4. It’s fast

You can tell at a glance that the Gan Disk is designed for speed, with tubes and components in wind-cheating aero profiles – even down to those teardrop-shaped headset spacers.

5. It has a high-tech fork

The distinctive curved shape of the Onda fork isn’t purely cosmetic, it provides extra strength and rigidity, which means sharper cornering. At the top, it blends in with the down tube for superior aerodynamics. 

PInarello Gan Disc handlebars

6. It’s finished in style

Finishing kit comes mainly from Pinarello’s in-house brand Most, and it’s all high-quality stuff in lightweight carbon, from the oversized aero bars and stem to the ‘fastback’ aero seatpost. Add Shimano’s Ultegra drivetrain and awesome RS785 hydraulic disc brakes and you’ve got an outstanding, deeply desirable package. 

7. It has top wheels

The hand-built Vision Team 30 Disc is a strong and reliable wheelset, with CNC-machined alloy hubs, aero spokes, and a handsome black anodised finish to the 30mm-deep rims.

8. It’s got all the gears YOU need

The compact 50/34 chainset combined with an 11-28 cassette is a pretty much ideal set-up for fast sportive and club riders, whether you’re after pure speed or want to tackle big climbs.

9. It’s a perfect fit

The Gan Disk comes in 10 sizes, from a tiny 44 to a huge 59.5, with 1cm increments in the middle of the range.

10. It’s great value

We wouldn’t say the Gan Disk was cheap, but the three-bike range starts at a relatively affordable £2,199 for the Sora model. At £3,499, the Ultegra model shown here is a complete high-performance bike for less than a Dogma F8 frameset. Start saving now!

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