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Pinarello release new Yellow Dogma F8

Craig Cunningham
30 Jul 2015

Team Sky’s bike partner has laid claim to making ‘the eighth wonder of the world’.

Once it was an unspoken rule to not wear team kits when out riding. They were badges of honour that you could only wear if you had earned them through blood, sweat and tears – proven only when you’ve made sure to drop a rider or two. This rule has now been scattered to the winds with the rise in cycling and, among others, the popularity of Britain’s own Team Sky.

Compounding this unwritten rule’s misery, Pinarello is releasing its new Dogma F8, also known as the Dogma F8 – TDF2015! – Carbon T11001K – 869 Rhino Paris...

The bike, with its hazard sign-like black and yellow design, certainly isn’t for the modest cyclist. Inspired by Chris Froome’s second Tour de France victory, it comes complete with decals of ‘Froomey’ and a rather intimidating-looking rhino printed on the side. Pinarello truly has made a bike for the ages.

You may think ‘what else could this bike pull out of the bag?’ Well there is the declaration that the Dogma F8 Rhino Paris could possibly be ‘the eighth wonder of the world.’

Pinarello Dogma F8 Rhino red

However, if you fancy a change, the Dogma does come in some slight colour variants. There’s the more unassuming ‘Dogma Rhino Yellow’ that has only slight nuances of yellow, as opposed to the whole bike. Then there is the ‘Rhino Red’, built to celebrate the polka dot jersey. This red and black creation differs from the Rhino Paris only in colour, not in braggadocio.

Pinarello certainly doesn’t mind blowing its own trumpet and, to be fair, who can blame it, having won the Tour de France twice, the World Championship, and countless pro races.

However, let’s (try) to look past the bike’s colour scheme and focus on the features. According to Fausto Pinarello, the new F8 is a ‘powerful and responsive bike for every track’, something that it claims to be a product of its work with Team Sky and Jaguar.

Fausto said that Jaguar’s partnership has allowed Pinarello greater access to aerodynamics development with its in-house wind tunnel capabilities. This would no doubt help it ‘in creating a streamlined and aerodynamic bike without losing the typical characteristics of Dogma’.

Fitted with Dura-Ace Di2 and Dura-Ace C50 wheels anyone can now pretend to have won the Maillot Jaune. If you’ve got a spare couple of grand, that is.

Price: £TBC

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