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Rapha Pro Team Softshell Baselayer first look

Rapha Pro Team Softshell Baselayer
17 Apr 2015

Rapha brings the protection inside with the Pro Team Softshell Baselayer but can it surpass the mighty Castelli Gabba?

Tradition had it that at the first splotches of rain used to send the peloton retreating en masse to retrieve their waterproofs from the team cars and that tradition also had it that waterproofs should go over the top of your jersey. Not any more; Rapha have brought the protection inside with the Pro Team Softshell Baselayer. It also ticks another box as, for the benefit of those watching on TV, the UCI recently made clear it intends to enforce a rule requiring riders’ team kit to remain recognisable at all times.

Luckily for them Team Sky won’t have any difficulties displaying their colours while also keeping warm thanks to a new base layer that takes the water and wind resistant properties usually associated with an external shell layer and places them against the skin. ‘It’s a design that transforms a standard jersey into an all weather garment’ explains Graeme Raeburn, lead designer at Team Sky’s clothing supplier Rapha.

Rapha Pro Team Softshell Baselayer reverse

Intended as the perfect undershirt for Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins during colder races, Rapha believe the technology isn’t just good news for image conscious pros. Rapha have expanded their Pro Team range gradually from just a few jerseys to a brand all of its own. The cuts are slimmer and many products are the exact ones the professionals race in.

‘Improvements in technology, particularly in stretchy yet weatherproof fabrics, are opening up new categories of product,’ says Raeburn. ‘We’re now able to send riders out with less clothing while still keeping them comfortable across a broad range of conditions.’

Reducing the number of layers necessary and expanding the usability of existing garments is part of an effort to slim down not only cold weather clothing but also the number of items in the average cyclist’s wardrobe, leaving more room for replica team jerseys. We’ll be putting it through it’s paces soon.

Price: £80