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First look review: Rapha Brevet Flyweight jacket

25 Oct 2017

Rapha’s lightest ever jacket is a handy option that isn’t really noticed until needed

As part of a clutch of new winter releases, Rapha has launched its lightest windproof jacket ever, called the Rapha Brevet Flyweight. The Brevet Flyweight will retail at £120 and will cover a key niche in Rapha’s ever-expanding Brevet collection.

This stowable outer layer weighs just 72g in size Medium and packs down into its own diminutive pocket to occupy about half a jersey pocket or saddle bag.

Rapha uses a ripstop nylon for the bulk of the jacket which is what makes it’s barely-there weight possible, but it doesn’t look to have compromised on features to achieve this low weight.

Rapha’s idiosyncratic Brevet reflective stripes adorn the chest, the zip is covered by a storm placket and perforations have been laser-cut into the nylon under the arms in an attempt to improve breathability.

Having used it in a couple of quick rides since it arrived in the office, in practice these perforations don’t do too much, but to a certain extent they don’t need to - this isn’t a layer that you’d have on for any long periods of time where you’d need to manage a rising core temperature.

The Rapha Brevet Flyweight is for popping on for prolonged chilly descents or to keep out the wind chill when you are yet to warm up, i.e. at the start of a ride or after a cafe stop.

Within this remit the jacket functions very well, doing the simple job of blocking wind but crucially, due to its packability and weight, it is barely noticeable until required - it is no chore to stash this in a jersey pocket or saddlebag because it takes up such little room.

The jacket’s construction quality is up to Rapha’s usual standard and although I am yet to use the Brevet Flyweight enough to reliably comment on Rapha’s claim of durability, initially I see no reason to doubt it.

Such attributes come at a cost though - many competitor’s garments that perform the same basic task can be had for much less than the Rapha Brevet Flyweight’s £120.

That being said, few do so with the same proficiency in style, quality and fit.


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