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Rapha launches brand new range of sunglasses with new in-house lenses

30 Jun 2020

All designed for different riding styles, Rapha has utilised its own ROSE lens technology

Rapha has launched four new sets of cycling sunglasses said to be designed for 'four different types of riding', all complete with the brand's new, in-house lens technology.

The collection will include Pro Team full-frame and frameless sunglasses (designed for road riding), Explore adventure sunglasses (designed for off-road) and Classic casual glasses (designed for the cafe and pub).

All four options will also come with Rapha's new proprietary ROSE lens technology.

ROSE handily stands for Rider Optimised Surface Enhancement and Rapha claims it has engineered the base colour of the lens to enhance 'differences between areas of light and enable cyclists to spot hazards with ease' while also highlighting the contrast between light and dark to help the eyes adapt quickly 'when entering a wooded area or a tunnel'.

The rose-tinted glasses (literally) will also be set with 'military-grade' anti-fogging technology which Rapha says can even withstand direct breath. A hydrophobic coating is said to disperse road spray and rain from the lens while all but the frameless Pro Team model will incorporate vents to provide airflow and further prevent fogging.

There will be multiple variations of lens dependant on light transmission as well as a clear lens option provided with the Pro Team framed and Explore glasses.

Rapha has designed two of its latest sunglasses for road riders, the Pro Team full-frame and frameless.

The oversized frameless options tip the scale at just 28 grams due to to a moulded Grilamid construction. Rubber grippers are used on the arms and adjustable nose piece for security. Available in black or white arms, there will be a choice of three lenses and they will retail at £110.

The full-framed options will weigh 30g, also utilising the moulded Grilamid material and rubber arms and adjustable nose piece. Side vents between the lens, of which you have three options, and frame provide airflow. They will also come with a clear lens for those rainy days in the saddle, retailing at £120 in either black or white.

Rapha's new Explore sunglasses have been designed with adventure riding in mind. They also utilise the Grilamid frame material, rubber arms and nose piece while also coming in three lens options. But, most importantly, they come with a secure strap that lets you wear the glasses around your neck, a bit like what your grandparents have on their reading glasses.

The frame will be available in four colourways, will weigh 32g, be provided with a spare clear lens and will retail for £130.

The final Classic glasses have been optimised for 'performance on and off the bike' – whatever performance off the bike is? Available in five colours (brown is our favourite), there will be a choice of two lenses while they also come with the same rubber arm and adjustable nose grippers. Weighing 24g, the Classic sunglasses will retail for £90.

The full range from Rapha is already available to buy for RCC and can be bought here. The rest of us will have to wait until next Thursday.


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