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Hunt 60 Limitless Aero Disc wheelset review

Page 1 of 2Hunt 60 Limitless Aero Disc wheelset review


Pro level aero wheels without the pricetag

Cyclist Rating: 
Quality build • Relatively lightweight • Great performance • Go-faster graphics
Extra £300 for CeramicSpeed upgrade option • Clearance may be an issue with some frames

Hunt Bike Wheels has expanded from its initial niche in bombproof alloy road wheels to a dazzling array of carbon and alloy options for road, gravel and mountain bike use.

It has invested substantially in its tech too, employing its own aerodynamicist and spending time on wind-tunnel testing its top end aero carbon wheels like the Limitless Aero 60, which are now used at WorldTour level by the Qhubeka-NextHash men’s pro team.

Hunt claims its 48 Limitless Aero wheels are the fastest sub-50mm deep wheels out there, while the 60 Limitless Aero wheels we’ve tested take the same tech and apply it to a deeper section wheelset which in theory should be even faster.


That tech starts with the extra-wide wheel profile. The rim is 21mm wide internally but spreads out to 34mm externally in a bulbous, rounded profile. Hunt recommends 25mm or 28mm tyres. I ran 25mm which looked dwarfed by the wide rims, which even at the leading edge were significantly wider than the tyres, which themselves were splayed out to around 28mm wide.

That wide tyre stance has advantages though. For starters, there’s more air volume, so you can run lower tyre pressures for more comfort. The tyre profile is more flat walled than on a narrower rim, so it’s better supported and the profile is more aero, as there’s a smoother transition from the tyre to the rim. And you’re getting all this at the weight of a 25mm tyre rather than a heavier 28mm.

The flip side is that, particularly if you want to run 28mm tyres, clearance in some frames might be close, although the majority of disc brake frames, particularly newer ones, should have the space for Hunt’s wheels.


Deeper section wheels can sometimes be a handful on windy days. I didn’t get to see how the Hunts would cope with a gusty sidewind, but they felt reassuringly stable in the milder winds that I did experience on my rides. Hunt has published its wind tunnel test results, and has measured the drag on the 60 Limitless wheels at yaw angles up to 20 degrees, claiming that the data shows smooth handling in crosswinds.

Like all Hunt’s wheels, the Limitless aeros are tubeless ready out of the box, although you can also run them with tubes. They come complete with the extra-long valves needed too. There’s compatibility with a wide range of axle standards, including quick release.

Sprightly handling

Once wheels get as deep and wide as the 60 Limitless Aeros they can become quite weighty. I weighed the Hunt 60 Limitless Aero wheels at 766g front, 932g rear, giving a wheelset weight 2g under 1,700g. That’s not bad – Hunt says it’s achieved this by replacing some of the non-structural carbon fibre content of the rims with a lower density polymer, saving around 50g per wheel.


The result of Hunt’s efforts is a wheelset that feels really fast on the flat and sprightly too when climbing. There’s the hollow echoey sound you get from carbon wheels and a tautness to the build that comes from the shorter length of the two-crossed straight pull bladed spokes and the deep rim. The spokes have external nipples, so wheel truing should be reasonably easy.

The taut build also gives a railed feel to cornering, with the wheels tracking really well even through the twistiest high speed turns. Pick up once you start to pedal again into the straights is very quick, thanks to a freehub with 7.5-degree engagement.

The freewheel has a satisfyingly noisy ratchet and is available in Shimano/SRAM, SRAM XDR or Campagnolo format.

You get a choice of EZO steel bearings with the Limitless wheels, or for an additional £300 CeramicSpeed’s ultra-low friction option, although I’m not sure I would have noticed the difference.

But even at £1,489 with the ceramic bearing option, the Limitless Aero 60s are impressively good value for such a high tech wheelset, which is the match of much pricier competitors.


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