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Chpt3 Upcycled Essentials case review

16 Sep 2021

Eco-friendly accessory with cult brand appeal

Cyclist Rating: 
Waterproof • Recycled materials • Perfect size • Understated design • Excellent value
Not for you if you don't like the smell of inner tubes

When ex-professional cyclist David Millar launched the Chpt3 brand (or Chpt./// as it was stylised back then), it focussed on making the kind of kit that the newly retired racer wanted to wear – tailored cuts from technical materials that for all the world wouldn’t have looked out of place on a catwalk.

However, with the passing of time, and the recent, amicable cutting of ties with Castelli – which partnered with Chpt3 to create its riding apparel – Millar’s brand is once again blazing its own trail, with a new range of kit that essentially democratises on-bike clothing, rather than making gear only the well-heeled can afford.

One example of such wallet-friendly Chpt3 goodness is the Upcycled Essentials Case. It couldn’t be more honest – it’s a case, it’s made from upcycled materials, and yes, it’s essential.


Stash it and go

There’s nowhere to hide if a product designed with simplicity and practicality at its heart doesn’t actually work. The Chpt3 Upcycled Essentials Case, however, is a triumph of well considered design, from a team that actually rides bikes so knows what we need.

Two main compartments are revealed within, with the first very easily swallowing an iPhone 8 and paper money. The second is the ideal place for a bank card, which is held in place by an internal pouch. Between the two is ample room for a couple of tyre levers and your house keys. Crucially, none of the above gets a drop of moisture on it, thanks to the waterproof zipper that runs along three sides of the case.


Eco credentials

As any marketing department knows, the best eco-friendly elements of a product’s design have a story attached. The Chpt3 Upcycled Essentials Case has a belter…

Buy the Chpt3 Upcycled Essentials case now

The facing side of the case is made from used inner tubes stitched together and bears a laser-etched CHPT3 logo. The case is handmade in Barcelona – a stone’s throw (or rather, a short train journey) from the Girona HQ of Chpt3, and these tubes are sourced from bikes used on the local area’s public cycling network. It’s a wonderful example of local businesses’ joined-up thinking.


Third dimension

The Chpt3 Upcycled Essentials Case measures 18cm x 9cm x 2cm, in case you fancied laying out your mid-ride essentials in that kind of area to see if they’ll fit before you part with your cash.

But the trick here is that it doesn’t even cost silly money – for the price of a round of drinks and a greasy burger on your way home, you’re getting a case that slips into (and stays secure within) a jersey pocket, aptly organises the things you want to keep dry, looks particularly stylish, and is doing its bit to repurpose waste materials.

Buy the Chpt3 Upcycled Essentials case now

It’s not so small that you’ll constantly be reaching round to check it’s there, but it’s not to big that it impinges upon comfort. And, of course, you’re buying into a brand name that might have been seemed beyond your reach five years ago. For my money, this is probably the best riding wallet-cum-case I’ve ever used, at any budget.