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Santini Redux Vigor gilet review

1 Oct 2021

Aero-fit barrier that's lightweight and weatherproof

Cyclist Rating: 
Incredible insulation • Secure race-ft • Shrugs off showers • Packs down very compactly • Clever design
Not at the budget end of the market

Investing in a decent cycling gilet – much like car insurance – doesn’t make sense until you need to use it. And the Santini Redux Vigor gilet, whilst not the most affordable of its kind, is well worth the investment.

I’d say it’s worth its weight in gold, but, due to its particularly lightweight construction, that wouldn’t be very much… But you get the idea here; for rides in colder conditions, this item of cycling kit is a must-have, while its versatile nature and comparative lack of bulk recommend it for use in late summer as well as lengthy descents in summer (should you happen to have escaped the UK for somewhere that actually has descents that last longer than two minutes…).


Santini Redux Vigor gilet fit

The fit of the Santini Redux Vigor gilet is close, but the amount of stretch in its material makes for a tailored fit that doesn’t restrict movement. Importantly, and impressively, the soft-backed, high collar zips up to cover a lot of neck, seating gently against the skin to let not one breath of wind in.

The body of the gilet features Polartec Alpha insulation to offer a barrier to wind at the chest and keep your core temperature regulated – something that I’ve been particularly grateful for on a number of long rides that wandered unplanned into the evening as temperatures dropped by several degrees.


It’s worth noting here that the flocked material at the front, as well as the stretch-woven fabric, is surprisingly breathable, too, and that the outer – which has a water-resistant treatment applied – is also capable of shrugging off light showers.

Living with the Santini Redux Vigor gilet

When did you last wear a gilet for an entire ride? It’s not something that happens too often, since a lightweight jacket is often a better bet if the weather’s that bad. What this highlights is the need for a gilet to be easily stored when not in use. The Santini Redux Vigor gilet has that taken care of.

Buy the Santini Redux Vigor gilet now

Not only does it weigh just 92g, but it also folds up into something the size of half a ciabatta. This makes it child’s play to stuff into a jersey pocket as insurance against changing conditions. It’s so compact that I’ve taken to stashing it in my pocket for most rides, ‘just in case’.


And speaking of jersey pockets, they’re easily accessed whilst wearing the gilet, thanks to two slits in the lower portion of the rear. Manufacturers often seem to forget that you might want to grab a gel, or your phone, whilst wearing a vest…

Because ‘cold’ often means ‘dark’ at this time of the year, it’s useful to have a little extra visibility. A strip of reflective micro-dots runs around six inches from the rear access slits to the hem of the Santini Redux Vigor gilet (which stays anchored to your shorts with an effective gripper). Obviously, reflective details are no substitute for a rear light, but it’s better than nothing.

Santini Redux Vigor gilet overall

The Redux Vigot gilet isn't cheap. The £150 pricetag of the Santini Redux Vigor gilet is going to be way too steep for some, but at the time of writing it is discounted on the Santini website ( to a much more palatable £105.

Buy the Santini Redux Vigor gilet now

At that money – and, depending on your budget, even at full price – it’s a very high quality option. The fit, warmth and stowability of the Santini Redux Vigor gilet make it stand out as something special among its rivals.


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