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Wolf Tooth WT-1 All Conditions Chain Lube review

31 Dec 2021

Highly effective lube that kills many birds with one stone

Cyclist Rating: 
Idiot-proof application • Very affordable • Long life • Chain cleaner and lube in one small bottle
Takes a few rides to clear initial grime from chain • Low viscosity can cause drips

To preface my experience with the Wolf Tooth WT-1 All Conditions Chain Lube, I suspect my overall view of bike maintenance is similar to many people's.

If you listen to everything my wife says, I’m lazy. She’s wrong, of course, it’s just that there are a few things I sometimes neglect because they’re not particularly exciting, regardless of how important I know they are.

I’m afraid to admit that, not far behind ironing clothes and jetwashing the patio, pretty high up my list of ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ items is cleaning and lubing my chain. However, one small bottle of Wolf Tooth WT-1 All Conditions Chain Lube has just made it a whole lot easier – and quicker – to tick that off my chores.

Buy the Wolf Tooth WT-1 chain lube from Wolf Tooth (£20)

Wolf Tooth WT-1 application

The simple beauty of the Wolf Tooth WT-1 All Conditions Chain Lube is that it’s easily applied in the time it takes for the kettle to boil. Shake the bottle, get that internal ball bearing rattling, then drip one blob of the lube on to each roller on the upper edge of the chain. It’s that simple.

What you’ll immediately notice is that your chain has taken on a bluey-green hue, and once you’ve performed the required 20-30 back pedals to get the lube fully into the deepest recesses of the chain, your cassette teeth will also become coloured.

For me, that at least shows that I’ve coated the entire chain. Wipe the entire length of the chain with a decent microfibre cloth and you’re good to go. No separate applications of chain cleaner and then lube – this little bottle does it all in one.

It is a little on the runny side, though, meaning I have some explaining to do when it comes to the blue stains on the patio (maybe if I got the jetwasher out…).

True grit

Even though the chain I’d treated was relatively free of road grime, having only had 60 or so miles since its previous clean, the results of this application were particularly surprising.

The latter stages of a 40-mile ride on bone dry roads (thanks, Indian Summer) was accompanied by a remotely graunching feel at the drivetrain. Naturally, being the kind of person who fears the worst, I assumed cack-handed rear mech adjustment a week beforehand had caused a peculiar misalignment.

However, on closer inspection, the Wolf Tooth WT-1 All Conditions Chain Lube had done exactly what it said on the tin/bottle/instructions – tiny fragments of road grime, stuck deep in the chain links when I coated them with lube, had risen to the surface.

Following the instructions (sometimes I wonder if I even am a man…), a quick wipe with the microfibre cloth lifted any resurrected dirt. Subsequent rides have unearthed less and less muck, to the point where now – maybe 100 miles since the first drops of lube hit the rollers – I’m left with a smooth-rolling drivetrain that’s adequately lubed and clean as new.

Wolf Tooth WT-1 value for money

Bear in mind that the treatment of my chain has barely made a dent on the contents of the £19, 2fl oz bottle, and that said treatment is claimed by the brand to last for around 400 miles, it would be incredibly difficult not to recommend investing in your own bottle of Wolf Tooth WT-1 All Conditions Chain Lube.

Given that the American company is rightly revered for its drivetrain and gearing components, it perhaps comes as little surprise that it’s hit the nail on the head with maintenance of those parts.

Beyond that, it’s also ticked one messy, time-consuming job off my ever-growing list.

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