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Scicon Aerowing Lamon sunglasses review

28 Dec 2021

Tour de France-winning eyewear that ticks all the boxes

Cyclist Rating: 
Lightweight and attractive • Minimal fogging • Superb optical clarity • Good peripheral view • Adjustable • Eco-friendly
Not the cheapest • A taller lens would make them near-perfect

When I was a kid, I lusted after a particular snooker cue simply because it was endorsed by Steve Davis (ask your parents if you were born after 1974). My point being that big-name sportspeople sell products. However, even if Tadej Pogačar hadn’t won the 2021 Tour de France with a pair of Scicon Aerowing Lamon sunglasses on his face, it would have only taken a 20-minute ride to convince me that I need a pair of them in my life.

Not only do their distinctive looks mark them out as something instantly out of the ordinary, but they also perform at a level way above any other cycling sunnies I’ve wrapped around my face since it was Team Sky who were dominating the Grand Tours.

Scicon Aerowing Lamon design

The Scicon Aerowing Lamon sunglasses don’t just look different, they’re also made differently. Flexibility at the stems can be adjusted by (actually quite fiddly) screwdriver-assisted tweaking of ‘clip switches’.

The easily removed single-piece, wing-shaped lens features slits at its trailing edges, which Scicon claims ‘diffuses air to exit smoothly along the side of the lens… which also helps to pull more fresh air behind the lens to avoid fogging up’.

Worried about scratching the stunning mirrored lens? Scicon is so confident that you won’t damage it that the company provides a lifetime warranty, replacing the lens if it does become scratched.

Also, the frames are actually made from a bio-based material, so in buying these sunglasses you’re not contributing to the world’s dirty plastic problem.

Express vision

Pop them over the straps of your helmet and the Scicon Aerowing Lamon sunglasses feel like they’re barely there. Once on the road and riding at speed, you’ll appreciate the shiedling effect they offer against wind, insects and dust.

But more than anything, you’ll notice the incredibly optical clarity they deliver. I’ve noticed zero distortion across the width of the lens, colours are vivid, and – crucially – I’ve experienced absolutely no issues with fogging when stopped at level crossings and traffic lights, and that’s very unusual in a pair of sunglasses, especially midway through late September rides in 24°C heat.

Perhaps the one criticism I could level at them is that the lens doesn’t cover enough vertical height, meaning that when I’ve been riding on the drops I’ve experenced (to continue the snooker player theme) a bit of a ‘Dennis Taylor’ effect… with a sizeable gap between the topmost section of frame and my helmet.

Scicon Aerowing Lamon conclusion

As well as a sturdy soft case, the Scicon Aerowing Lamon sunglasses also include a clear lens, extending their usefulness well into autumn evenings and the gloomier days of winter.

The standard mirrored lens is easily swapped out and replaced by the clear shield within seconds. There is a slightly sickening ‘clunk’ that accompanies this action, but don’t be afraid to give it a good yank. It’s at least satisfying proof of the robustness of these sunnies.

Once you add to that their lightweight construction, clever anti-fogging, Grand Tour pedigree and the quality of vision they provide, the argument for spending big on the Scicon Aerowing Lamon sunglasses becomes even more compelling.

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