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CCN Skin Oymyakon Long Sleeve Jersey review

6 Apr 2022

CCN’s take on the Gabba is comfortable, with good airflow, but that does mean that it runs a bit cooler than some

Cyclist Rating: 
Full featured • Lightweight • Comfortable fit
Runs a bit cool • Black only

The CCN Skin Oymyakon Long Sleeve Jersey is a classic poor weather garment, following the pattern of the Castelli Gabba. It’s lightweight and repels rain well, but there’s quite a bit of airflow through the fabric.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing: Gabba-style jerseys tend to come in two flavours. Whereas some are more windproof, they’re then prone to get clammy inside.

With minimal insulation, sweat tends to collect on the inside surface of the jersey. Others let more air through, which means that they don’t get condensation on the inside, but they're also not as warm.

The CCN Skin Oymyakon Long Sleeve Jersey falls into the latter camp. In cooler conditions, even with a long sleeved base layer underneath, you can feel the airflow, particularly through the sleeves.

Riding in winter, my arms tended to feel a little cold, even after I’d warmed up, although that wasn’t a problem for my upper body.

CCN Skin Oymyakon Long Sleeve Jersey: Features

The underside of the Skin Oymyakon's upper arms includes a dart of lighter weight stretchy fabric to add some extra ventilation even when the jersey is fully zipped up.

As a result, this jersey is probably a better option for spring and autumn riding when it’s a bit warmer but you might still be rained or drizzled on, rather than a piece you’d use in the winter, unless you have a thick long sleeved baselayer to pair it with.

There’s a membrane built into the fabric to help repel wind and rain and a DWR coating to stop the outer fabric from wetting out.

Other typical Gabba-like features include a high, fabric lined collar and rear pockets with gusseted fabric sections at their bottoms to let water drain out.

Below the pockets is a wide dropped tail with a reflective band at its lower edge. This sits beneath the silicone gripper that helps to keep the bottom seam in place.

Often dropped tails are prone to ride up, but here it stays in place well, so it’s actually doing the intended job of adding a little extra protection to your rear.

CCN Skin Oymyakon Long Sleeve Jersey: Fit and sizing

CCN has got the jersey’s fit right too. Often this style of top can be overly tight. That can keep you streamlined, but means that you may need to size up for comfort and to layer up effectively underneath.

The Skin Oymyakon jersey has enough room to be comfortable and to let you add a thicker base layer underneath when it’s that bit cooler.

The Gabba started off as black only, but it’s now available in a range of brighter colours, as are many of its imitators. Since you’ll usually be wearing this style of jersey in poor conditions, some extra visibility makes sense.

The CCN Skin Oymyakon only comes in black however. That’s alleviated a bit by the reflective centre pocket logo, reflective tabs in the pockets’ side seams and the reflective hem, but if you want any other colour you’re out of luck.

There’s a short sleeve version as well as the long sleeve which I tested. At £80 the short sleeve is only £5 cheaper than the long sleeve, making the latter a sensible upgrade, which is on the inexpensive side for a Gabba-like poor weather jersey.

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