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Universal Colours Mono women’s bib shorts review

23 Mar 2022

A cracking pair of comfy bib shorts made from recycled fabrics that are ideal for longer rides

Cyclist Rating: 
Comfort break feature • Comfort • Use of recycled fabrics • Good length • Compressive
Heavyweight construction • Ventilation

The Universal Colours Mono women's bib shorts are aimed at women who like to ride long distances, promising comfort and exceptional performance.

Having ridden in these on various trails and roads around the British countryside, and in the dreaded traffic jams of London, my conclusion is that these are a great pair of bib shorts.

I wouldn't choose these for long hot days in the mountains, as they feel marginally heavy due to the compressive nylon, but I would for a long and glorious English summer ride.

They are comfortable, practical and at £120 are good value.

Frankly I can't wait for the weather to get warmer so I can wear them more often.

Universal Colours Mono women's bib shorts: Comfort

Universal Colours says the Mono bib shorts are made for riding long distances. As such, comfort breaks are often necessary out on the road, so the shorts have a good solution, seen in many women's bib shorts nowadays.

The bib straps and waist sections of material are stretchy enough to be pulled down when needed.

The waist section is clearly defined around the shorts, and the shorts have a crossover design at the front of the waist band to make the process easier.

I found the nature break feature easy enough and the material springs back into place despite the considerable deformation asked of it.

The chamois is made from 'hybrid cell high-density perforated foam'. It's 13mm thick and Universal Colours says its construction helps with shock absorption and breathability.

At first glance, despite its fancy description the chamois seems quite unassuming and I wondered how comfortable it would be. That'll teach me for judging a book by its cover, as it proved me wrong and performed well on both long and short rides.

It stayed in place, doesn’t protrude noticeably and I experienced no soreness despite being in the saddle for long periods.

The bib shorts offer 50+ UPF sun protection and have reflective Universal Colours logos. I think they're subtle, stylish and functional.

I also like how the bib shorts come in three different colours – navy blue (pictured), black and canopy green. It is good to see Universal Colours catering for such a wide range of tastes.

Universal Colours Mono women's bib shorts: Fit

The Universal Colours Mono women's bib shorts are made with 'compressive, warp knit nylon', which means they are designed to fit closely to the body.

They gave a good level of compression and the bib shorts felt secure while riding. As noted earlier, the compressive nylon gives a slightly thicker/heavier feel to the bib shorts.

The bib shorts also have deep offset cuffs which personally I really liked and on whatever trail or road I have decided to take these bib shorts on they have stayed firmly in place throughout the ride

Decent length in the legs is an essential feature for bib shorts in my opinion, but not always guaranteed, so this is another area the Mono bib shorts score well.

I'm a tall rider so short shorts can often feel like hot pants, but that was not the case withthe Monos, which fit nicely.

The bib shorts are made from pre and post-consumer recycled fabrics, and are made in a Bluesign accredited factory so promise to have upheld good ethical standards during their manufacture.

Universal Colours Mono vs. Assos UMA GTV bib shorts C2 vs. Pactimo Summit Classic

Compared to the Assos UMA GTV bib shorts C2 I'd say the Mono bib shorts are similarly an excellent option for general riding but for a better price.

Having found the Pactimo Women's Summit Classic bib shorts to be on the shorter side, the Universal Colours Mono bibshorts come up trumps for long distance riding.

Universal Colours also offers the Chroma women's bib shorts however I'd favour the the Mono, namely for the longer length, lower price and material that I find more comfortable.

Universal Colours mono women's bib shorts: Verdict

For general use – rides of minutes, hours or days across all terrains – the Universal Colours Mono women's bib shorts are a great choice.

They're well priced, offering great value, high performance tech and strong sustainability and ethical credentials.

  • Buy the Universal Colours mono women's bib shorts (£120)