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Arundel Mandible review

Arundel Mandible review
21 Jun 2016

Lightweight, exotic, carbon cages that actually work aren’t that common, but the Arundel Mandible knows how to hold its own.

Cyclist Rating: 
You’ll never lose a bidon again; timeless styling
£50 for a bottle cage isn’t cheap; risk of scratches from that killer grip

Have you ever lost your bottle… as in your bidon? Chances are you have and chances are that in many cases it wasn’t from a cheap bottle cage either. 

Much as we love a good-looking bottle cage, especially one that’s trimmed down, matches the bike and is made of carbon, the cost can be hard to justify. After all, the plastic ones weigh only a few grams more and perform about as well for a much lower outlay.

There are exceptions, however. We find ourselves getting quite excited about the Arundel range and in particular the carbon Mandible, for the simple reason that it has never once let us down. Gravel roads, potholes, cobbles and fumbled inserts have all tried to catch the Mandible out, and failed.

You have a choice of unidirectional or woven carbon, and gloss or matt finishes. At 26g apiece Arundel’s cage isn’t the lightest available but we’re only talking a handful of grams in the end, which is hardly a dealbreaker.

The Mandible’s killer grip can lead to scratches on your bottles over time, but that’s true to some degree of all cages, and is an acceptable compromise for how well it holds on to them in the first place.

We’re less inclined to forgive the high price, however. Paying £50 is a tall order for any bottle cage – even one as attractive and effective as this one.


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