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Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix review

Skratch Labs hydration mix
8 May 2015

Promising not to completely ruin your digestion, we had high hopes for Skratch Labs when we set off on a 400km ride...

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Skratch Labs founder Dr Allen Lim has a CV that reads like a recent history of the development in sports science. Having worked with World Tour teams such as Radioshack and Team Garmin as sports scientist and cook, he seems well qualified to be delving into a new branch of sports nutrition products. The main hook isn’t crazed performance claims, but rather a set of nutrition products designed to avoid ‘gut rot’. They use natural ingredients and low sugar levels, and they’re actually quite tasty.

I’m one of the fortunate people who can get away with eating and drinking most things on a ride without suffering much with my digestion, but I know plenty of people who struggle. They had raved to me about Skratch Labs so with a 400km ride in Dorset looming, I thought I’d give it a try.

I’d calculated that the 400km course would take me about 24 hours to complete (with 6000m of climbing along the way) and drinking any strong energy drink was sure to upset my stomach. I didn’t want to risk going with just water though, as I had visions of cramping if I didn’t take on enough electrolytes. Skratch Labs also do small sachets designed for 500ml bottles, so I took a bunch of those along with me to top up when I stopped.

The hydration mix does have a flavour but it’s not particularly strong, which can seem a little strange at first. Over time though you become used to it and by the end of my 400km, I was pretty thankful. Whereas I was struggling to eat much of any food, because I felt nauseous from the sleep deprivation, I could still sip at the Skratch Labs. I didn’t cramp once, which at times seemed like a miracle, and my stomach seemed to stay pretty health during the event (and the days after). I think I’d struggle to go back to the regular energy drinks now.


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