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Velocio Ultralight jersey and Signature bibshort review

8 Sep 2016

Understated style and well-fitted wardrobe items from this apparel startup.

In an interview with Velocio co-founder Kristy Scrymgeour on the brand's website, you get to learn a thing or two about this clothing startup. Taking sector giant Patagonia as inspiration, Velocio is aiming to produce clothing that stands up to scrutiny on an ethical and environmental level, as well as that of performance. 'The Velocio motto "Let’s Look At This Differently" is a call to action socially, culturally and throughout cycling,' the article reads.   

But Velocio also aims to produce 'clothing that says “Hello” when you pass by' - and we couldn't have found that more true when riding around in this outfitted duo of a Velocio Ultralight jersey and Signature bibshort. 

The Ultralight is, as the name suggests, a lightweight jersey primarily for use during the hotter summer months, or adjoining seasons with the use of appropriate baselayers and warmers. The understated polka-dot theme is a detail only noticeable on closer inspection as a subtle change in tone, while from afar the almost pearlescent green looks simple and classy. Velocio's logo can be found on the breast panel and on one pocket at the rear, with the only other visual talking point being the presence of some reflective strips on the pockets and sleeves, leaving a very clean design that is knowingly defined by its fantastic colour. 

Any item of clothing can have its good looks undermined by a poor fit, but we found the Ultralight was able to boast a cut that would be more than agreeable to most, giving width at the shoulders but gripping a skinny cyclist's arms well too. And while the jersey is cut to fit tightly, the hems do not feel restrictive and so there's no unsightly indentations made to any of your (my) excess flab either. 

The same can be said for the Signature bibshorts, which we found ourselves using from everything from quick commutes to 6 hour rides on the adventure bike, with the chamois proving capable of withstanding both. The shorts are compressive, which again means that a tighter fit can be enjoyed without any baginess or excess creasing. Rather than a classic bib design, Velocio has opted for two straps, which cross half way up the back and over the adjacent shoulder, and we didn't experience any problems with the adjustment. 

So while the Velocio collection we had on test was more than able to prove its technical credentials, it's the design that will likely steal most, with a perfectly executed interpretation of the much-coveted 'less is more' style - and the sustainability ethos to back it up.

Signature bibshorts €170  

Ultralight jersey €115

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