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DT Swiss RRC65 DiCUT wheelset long term review

15 Mar 2017

DT Swiss RRC65s are great wheels straight out of the box, and over the long term their build quality really shines through

The DT Swiss RRC65 wheels have been ridden over the long term since their first review, and the comments on their performance that were initially expressed have, for the most part, held true. For a deep rim they are light and very stiff, so they accelerate eagerly and hold on to speed with tenacity.

The rims were designed before crosswind stability was such a heavily sought-after attribute (Zipp’s release of its 454 wheelset late last year ushered in a new trend for aero wheels, championing stability over pure drag-reduction), so they dealt with wintery crosswinds with surprising poise - gusts elicit steady pressure on the steering as opposed to sharp tugs, with little input required to correct for the wind when you are used to riding on the wheels.

Such stability gives you the confidence to carry speed and when it comes to slowing down, the RRC65’s do so predictably. Initially, the wheels’ braking performance was accused of being-sub par but over the long term the track and pads have bedded in, improving the wheelset’s performance.

They might not have the initial, sharp bite of the likes of Zipp or Enve’s textured brake tracks, but braking remains smooth and predictable under progressive power in wet and dry conditions, and unlike DT Swiss’s competitors the braking surface is gentle on pads as well.

It is worth mentioning that the discrepancy in opinion might be due to the fact that different brakes were used - Shimano was used for this test while Campagnolo were used on the wheels’ initial test.

Over time though the wheels build quality increasingly becomes their strongest attribute. They feel no different after months of use than when they were fresh out of the box - the bearings are still silky, rims completely true and brake track undimmed - they just perform. £2000 might be a princely sum for a wheelset but the performance and durability of DT Swiss RRC65 wheels mean your money will not be wasted.

DT Swiss RRC65 DiCUT wheelset: details

Weight 1,585g (720g front, 865g rear)
Rim width External 25mm, internal 18mm
Spoke count 16 front, 20 rear
Price £1,999.98 

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