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First look: Selle Italia SLR C59 saddle

18 Nov 2016

Low on weight but high in price, the self-proclaimed 'lightest ever' saddle is sure to polarise opinions

Merckx, Moser, Indurain, Pantani – just some of the famous posteriors that have sat atop a Selle Italia saddle over the years.

Whether Marco or Big Mig would recognise the Selle Italia SLR C59 as a saddle, however, is up for debate. At only 63g the self-proclaimed ‘lightest ever’ saddle wouldn’t look out of place in an aerospace lab, and the pricetag is as out of this world as the design.

Paying more for less

What does almost £400 buy you? The SLR C59’s lightness is achieved through a full carbon construction, with the carbon rails blending seamlessly to create a one-piece look.

Its waifish proportions are also helped by a complete lack of padding, which will no doubt make this a popular choice for the hill-climbing community (people who would gladly remortgage the house to save a few grams).

Carried over from Selle Italia’s wider range of saddles is the SuperFlow cutout – the central cutaway that aims to increase comfort by relieving pressure from your more sensitive areas, hopefully ensuring the only place this saddle is going to hurt is your wallet.



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