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Demon Frameworks Jacket review

24 Nov 2016

High-quality, do-it- all jacket made in collaboration with high-end clothing brand, Private White

OK, so this isn’t your average cycling jacket. But then again, Demon Frameworks isn’t your average cycling brand. Its founder and sole-framebuilder Tom Warmerdam produces some of the most finely crafted, highly regarded frames in all of Cycledom, intricately detailed yet strikingly simple. No surprise, then, to find a similar story with Warmerdam’s first foray into clothing, the Demon Cycling Jacket.

‘It’s a bike related jacket, but it’s more than just a bike related jacket,’ says Warmerdam. ‘It’s a bit heavier and less technical looking than a cycle-specific jacket, but then I wanted it to be for all occasions, not just cycling. It’s basically the jacket I wanted but couldn’t find on the market, so I thought, why not make one?’

Warmerdam teamed up with high-end menswear label, Private White, and the result is a jacket that’s as at home in a country lane as it is in a late night bar. Think a 2016 Jacques Anquetil if Mr Chrono lived in the sticks and commuted to the city on a steel racer.

Test pilots

Demon has specced Ventile fabric, developed in Manchester in the Second World War, specifically to prevent exposure in the event an RAF pilot ditched into the sea. It’s not waterproof in a synthetic sense, but the density of the Ventile weave (and indeed expansion of the yarn when damp) together with the fully taped seams means the Demon jacket will keep you dry and warm in the worst conditions.

In a nod to true bicycle style it features a foldaway ‘bum flap’ (we hasten to point out this is not the official term) to protect from rear wheel spray, reflective detailing and vents on the back and under armpits. As for more general outdoor pointers, the collar is suitably large and snug for poor weather days, there’s clever routing that prevents headphone cables from getting tangled and a host of roomy pockets.

All this doesn’t come cheap as you’ve probably noticed, but for Warmerdam, as it is with his frames, that was never the point – things will cost what they cost in order to fulfil Warmerdam’s design brief. And expectations.

‘The jacket is hand-made in Manchester at Private White’s factory,’ he says. ‘It’s a very expensive way of doing things, but I felt it was crucial that it was properly made, and done so in the UK.

I hate criticism, so for me an unhappy customer is really, really bad and to be avoided, so the jacket’s quality had to be exceptional in every way.’

Given its relative heft the Demon jacket isn’t one for your next interval session or crit race, but for longer distances or just throwing a leg over the bike, it performs admirably and looks very much the part whilst – we think – standing out from a crowd of similar ‘commuter’ style jackets in both its aesthetic and workmanship. It’s not going to be the only jacket you’ll ever need, but you’ll struggle to find an occasion where it isn’t the only one you’ll want to wear.

Verdict: High-quality, do-it- all jacket made in collaboration with high-end clothing brand, Private White.

Available in brown or blue.


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