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First look: Fizik Link R1 bibshorts

25 Nov 2016

Your 'saddle interface' has never had it so good

Cycling doesn’t need another clothing brand. That’s not our view – that’s the opinion of Alberto Fonte, brand director at Fizik.

‘We don’t want to be another clothing brand,’ he tells Cyclist. ‘We simply want to give riders the best experience they can have from their saddle interface.’ 

Determining the comfort of a rider’s backside is no simple task, but Fizik claims that its three years of data collection and laboratory studies of the human form have led it to the conclusion that the secret to a comfy perch lies in having the right bibs to match the saddle, which is why it has created a new range of shorts.

Bull, Chameleon or Snake?

Fizik’s saddles come in three shapes – Bull (Aliante), Chameleon (Antares) or Snake (Arione) – depending on your body shape and flexibility, and there are three Link bibshorts to correspond with the saddles.

Each has a specifically tailored Elastic Interface pad. The Snake short, for example, optimised for the Arione saddle, has a preformed pad shaped with thinner but denser foam, plus the bibs are longer on the back and shorter at the front for the rider who can achieve
an aggressive position.

At the other extreme, the Bull is a totally different pad construction, much larger and shaped so comfort is tuned for a more upright body posture. 

Two levels of the short are available, R1 being the top-end race level, while the R3 is a cheaper alternative at £150. Regardless of how good the shorts are, though, one problem remains. With no matching jersey, we’re left with a serious wardrobe dilemma.



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