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Sidi Wire Carbon Vernice Froome Edition road shoe review

5 Dec 2016

Not the absolute stiffest or the lightest, but it's a shoe I'd grab before most others

How much would you pay to be able to walk in Chris Froome’s shoes? How does about three hundred quid sound?

Sidi produced this limited edition version of its Wire Carbon in celebration of Mr (soon to be Sir? Surely?) Froome’s continued accomplishments.

Granted, it’s only the vivid blue standing it apart from the regular version, but when you slide your feet into these super cycling slippers you’ll notice there’s a lot more than what they look like to make you feel fast.

It was, until only very recently, Sidi’s range topping road shoe (Sidi has just launched the Shot to supersede it).

Serious footwear

As you’d expect from a brand that’s been at the cutting edge of road cycling footwear for over 40 years, boasting multiple World Champions and Grand Tour winners, it’s a serious tool of the trade.

But that aside, few would argue Froome’s (or should I say, Sky’s) blue of choice makes for a salient fashion accessory too.

From the ground up, Sidi uses its Vent carbon sole, which has two key features that stand it apart from its competitors.

First, and the clue is in the name, is a channelled ventilation system that can be open or closed depending on the season.

The second is not to follow the trend for continually making soles stiffer and stiffer (not wishing to pick on it specifically, but rather bizarrely Specialized is now up to 13 out of 10 on their stiffness index for its latest S-Works shoe).

Sidi has opted instead to use a carbon weave that subtly affords the toe box a tiny amount of flex.

Sidi claims this relieves pressure on the plantar tendons during the power phase of pedalling, but also aids circulation.

Stiff yet comfortable

I can’t say for sure my plantar tendons have ever objected to any top end road shoe I’ve tested, but what I can with certainty is the Wire Carbon is right up there with the most comfortable I’ve used, and without feeling at all like it’s lacking in the power delivery stakes.

I have, at times, finished rides in shoes that have left my feet practically numb from the continual buzz coming through an overly stiff sole. But in recent years never have I come back from a ride and thought, ‘That shoe was a bit flexy’.

What I’m getting at is you definitely can have too much of a good thing.

There’s probably only a tiny percentage of the number of people riding road bikes that would benefit from having the stiffest shoes in the world on their feet and Sidi has kept the level just right.

Sidi’s Techno-3 dial system offers quick and easy adjustment, spreading the closure evenly and comfortably across the instep.

If you need to tweak things on the fly the dials are easy to use, and I even found I could do it through a winter-weight overshoe.


The adjustable heel retention adds an additional element of personalisation to the fit, and overall the comfort offered by the Wire Carbon, married to an equally pleasing level of performance means it’s a shoe I would be reaching for as my first choice for a long alpine sportive without a doubt. 

As a final thought, the Microfibre uppers have proved extremely hard wearing, and very easy to clean, plus all the dials and even the treads are replaceable. 

So these Sidi’s are likely to be a long term companion, and just like slippers they get even more comfy with age.


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