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First look: Scott Road RC Lace shoes

13 Dec 2016

Style, performance and fluorescence - what's not to like?

The 5,500-year-old Areni-1 shoe, discovered in an Armenian cave complex in 2008, boasted a leather upper, a series of eyelets and a leather shoelace.

It’s a reminder that laces – having been ousted from cycling fashion by ratchet and Boa dial retention systems before returning to the spotlight courtesy of pro trendsetters Bradley Wiggins and Taylor Phinney – are nothing new.

And Scott’s Road RC Lace shoes show how well performance and style can go together.

Premium stiffness

They share similar DNA to the Scott Premium, registering nine on Scott’s stiffness index.

The insole also follows the Premium with extensive customisation options – numerous inserts to increase arch support coupled with a central metatarsal button to support the foot.

The laces are offset, which we speculate takes advantage of the asymmetric upper by spreading the closure more consistently and comfortably over the tarsal bones.

The lace is spread along the length of the shoe to offer an extensive level of fine-tuning between each eyelet – no doubt a factor in time-triallists Wiggins and Phinney being so keen on laces over newfangled boas.

As for the fluorescence… well, why not?

Verdict: Style, performance and fluorescence - what's not to like?



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