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First look: DT Swiss ERC 1100 DiCut wheels

DT Swiss ERC 1100 first look review
26 Jan 2017

Aero wheels designed to be quick and stable in any conditions

After years of making aero wheels faster, manufacturers now seem to be focusing on making them more stable in crosswinds.

The latest to join the fray is DT Swiss with its new wheel technology, Aero+. 

‘Aero+ goes a step further to the normal aero optimisation – it aims to balance drag with handling and efficiency,’ says DT Swiss’s Alex Schmitt.

‘As a result, Aero+ wheels aren’t just fast on flat tarmac in calm conditions – they perform consistently regardless of road surface, weather or terrain.’

Made for aero

These ERC 1100 DiCut wheels are the first incarnation. Developed in collaboration with aerodynamics company Swiss Side, every component has been designed from scratch to try to blend aerodynamics with handling, comfort and grip.

‘Wind-tunnel testing with Swiss Side allowed us to produce our fastest spokes and hub to date, and the rim, being very blunt, is our most stable in side winds,’ says Schmitt.

‘Plus we have achieved this stability with the benefits of disc brakes and a wide design best suited to 25-28mm clincher or tubeless tyres, so gravel is an option as well as all-weather road riding.’

Review: Aero wheels designed to be quick and stable in any conditions.



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