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First look: Flaer Revo Via chain lubricator

9 Feb 2017

An effective but costly way to keep your chain in optimum condition

The idea behind the Revo Via is simple: a chain that’s well lubricated will generate less friction and so is more efficient.

The trouble is that the slickest lubricants tend to be the least viscous so will quickly dry up, leaving your chain squeakier than Dracula’s coffin lid.

What the Revo Via does is to automatically drip-feed a very thin, very low-friction lubricant onto a chain during riding. 

To do this, a reservoir and pump sit just behind the bottle cage and connect via a hose to a jockey wheel-mounted dripper (pictured, mech not included).

Timed release

The system is electronically controlled and doses the chain with 0.03ml of lube from the reservoir every 30, 90 or 150 seconds, depending on weather and ride length.

That might sound like overkill, especially given the system will add weight – 166g with reservoir filled and batteries installed – and costs as much as a smartphone.

But Flaer, which has worked on this in conjunction with Edinburgh Napier University, says the Revo saves up to 12 watts, outweighing the negative effect of the weight 17 times over.

Verdict: An effective but costly way to keep your chain in optimum condition.



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