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Sidi Shot cycling shoes review

25 Apr 2017

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Redesigned and more aero than ever, Sidi's slick new range-topper looks to be worth the steep asking price

The Sidi Shot cycling shoes replace the Wire as the brand's range-topping offering but only the large difference between the two comes by way of a redesigned closure system, with Sidi’s proprietary Tecno-3 dials being centralised on a reinforced, tongue-mounted panel.

The redesign is the focus of this review as the general fit and performance of the Shots is the same as the Wires, which is to say superlative and unlike almost any other shoe on the market.

The Wires have been reviewed in comprehensive detail by my esteemed colleague Stu Bowers, 'a shoe he'd grab before most others.'

The motivation behind the reposition of the dials was primarily to improve aerodynamic performance, a factor highly relevant to the professionals that these shoes were initially designed for but much less of an issue for an average (at best) rider like myself, so I judged the redesign mostly on aesthetics and ergonomics.

With its technical closure system and distinctive branding Sidi has previously been guilty of making a shoe look too busy, but moving the dials to the tongue on the Shots makes the shoe look cleaner.

Sidi has taken advantage of the uncluttered upper, putting together a design that is striking and appealing to racers and recreational riders alike.

Functionally, the centralised dials seem to spread the tension of a tightened upper a little more evenly than the Wires, providing a secure fit that rarely needed any readjustment.

There are separate cable systems for the upper and lower portions of the shoe, but the solid panel to which both dials are fixed means tweaks to the tension of one or the other is slightly less refined than if they were totally unconnected.

However, this isn’t enough of an issue to sway opinion.

Releasing the closure system to get the Shots on and off is noticeably quicker and easier than on the Wires. Despite there being two separate cable systems just like the Wires, there are only two release levers (compared to the Wires’ four) which untension both dials simultaneously.

This may sound fairly insignificant compared to assessing a shoe’s general performance but in practice it is a true ergonomic improvement over previous Sidi models.

To my mind the distillation of the Sidi Shot cycling shoes' look and functionality justifies their differentiation from the Wires, and represents a genuine (albeit small) evolution in design for the Italian manufacturer.


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Page 1 of 2Sidi Shot cycling shoes review