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Assos SS.centoJersey_evo8 jersey review

16 May 2017

Assos gives up the gaudy to create a stylish and high quality jersey

Assos has been the go-to company for bibshorts for some years, but its jerseys have often been something an acquired taste. The designs have traditionally employed a riot of stripes and blocks of mismatching colours, of the kind that give you a migraine if you stare at them too long.

The Assos SS.centoJersey_evo8, by contrast, is positively understated, and in my opinion it’s all the better for it. Despite having a name that sounds like it was created by an algorithm that generates hard-to-crack passwords, the jersey looks simple and classy, yet is still bold with its single blood-red sleeve (or you can have it in yellow - as photographed - or black).

The understated design belies a number of technical features. It is constructed from several different materials, including a soft front for comfort, a stretchier material around the base for fit, and a mesh panel on the rear for ventilation and cooling in hot weather.

Don’t confuse this jersey with the identical-looking Campionissimo jersey, which has a built-in base layer.

According to Assos, a base layer is essential for regulating body temperature and can make you cooler when the temperature is really hot.

So, despite being thinner than the Campionissimo, the Cento (as I’ll call it for brevity’s sake) is deemed as a ‘comfort’ jersey rather than a ‘summer’ jersey.

I’m not sure the science makes sense – surely an extra layer is hotter no matter how hi-tech it is – so I’d rank the Cento as a great summer (or at least a ‘British summer’) jersey. It’s light and wicks sweat efficiently.

Best of all is the cut, which remains close-fitting without being restrictive or having any awkward bulging bits.

I particularly like the back pockets, which are made from a reinforced mesh, making them quite stiff. It means they don’t sag when stuffed with gels, spare inner tubes and all the other odds and sods required on a ride.

Reaching for items is simple when you don’t have to negotiate your way past floppy, elasticated material. There’s also a neat little zip pocket for keys or coins.

The only misfire is the white panel on the rear. While the colour is obviously chosen to reflect the sun, I feel it spoils the classic look of the jersey.

It should be black, and I would put up with a touch more heat in order to preserve the jersey’s aesthetic.

It’s a minor grumble, and ultimately this is a stylish, comfortable and high performance jersey.

It ain’t cheap, but finally Assos has a jersey to match its bibshorts.

£120 (Equipe), £150 (Cento)

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