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First look: Mavic Paris-Nice Cosmic Pro shoes

7 Mar 2017

Top-performing race shoes that look great too, but you wouldn't want to get them dirty

Inspired by La Course au Soleil – the race to the sun – you’d probably want to keep these arty, limited-edition Paris-Nice shoes for clean, sunny days, as it would be a real shame to get them dirty.

Look closely and you’ll see all kinds of pictorial references to the bike race, from a weenie Eiffel Tower to palm trees, and many more besides.

We couldn’t find Wally, though (or ‘Charlie’ as the French call him). The design looks like it was something lifted straight off the doodle pad next to the phone in Mavic’s footwear design office, but it might well spark a new trend for creative shoe endeavours. 


Beneath the frenzied exterior graphics lies a top-level race shoe – Mavic’s Cosmic Pro platform – with Energy Carbon Outsole and Dual Ergo Dial QR closure system making sure the shoe doesn’t just turn heads in the cafe but performs once you’re clipped in too.

If £230 seems a lot, there’s always the DIY alternative – a few quid for a Sharpie and you can get busy with your own design if you’ve got the imagination and a pair of white shoes to hand.

Verdict: Top-performing race shoes that look great too, but you wouldn't want to get them dirty.



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