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Castelli Aero Race 5.0 review

11 Jun 2015

Slim-fit Italian style from the maestros at Castelli

You either get Italian things or you don’t. Ducatis, Ferraris, MV Agustas, Alfa Romeos … You’re buying the passion, the style, the look etc. What you’re not buying is reliability above all else, value for money or sensible colours. The same can usually be said for Castelli and of ‘Italian sizing’. It’s either happening or it ain’t. In our case, whilst I’m usually a small in most brands, I’m a large in the Aero Race jersey (although a medium in the other Castelli jerseys – it’s a bit of a minefield).

The material is thin, its got a modern racy cut with a low collar and quite long arms. Thankfully the grippers at the end of the arms are wide as the arms are fairly tight. The cut is also really aggressive so it’s short at the front and long at the back, so it does look a bit odd stood upright and off the bike.

The zip is nice quality, and the tag is large making it easy to use. For an aerodynamic jersey, the pockets on the Aero Race are quite generously sized - you won’t fit a rain jacket in there but you’ll get more than just a couple of gels. Style is obviously personal, but Castelli are right on trend with the fluoro look without overdoing it.

Out on the bike and the Aero Race 5.0 is comfortable to wear and thanks to the super lightweight material, wicks sweat away from the body well. Castelli say it’s 12 watts faster than a standard jersey but it’s impossible for us to test this. One thing we can say is that it makes you feel fast, but forget about the numbers and just admit that you feel fast because, like all Italian things, it just makes you feel awesome. Until the electrics fail.


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