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First look: Campagnolo Zonda Disc wheels

14 Mar 2017

Campag's long-awaited first disc brake wheel is well designed and admirably light

What’s an Argentinian meteorologist’s favourite wheel? That’ll be the Zonda, named after the dry wind that whistles down the eastern slopes of the Andes.

Up until now, if that meteorologist rode a disc bike they’d have been unable to fit it with Campagnolo’s redoubtably stiff, mid-priced alloy wheelset.

All things shall come to pass, though, even where the notoriously traditional Italians are concerned, so here is Campagnolo’s first ever disc brake wheel.

Most notable is the rim shape, which bears not even the merest hint of a redundant rim-track, a facet of early disc rims as makers rushed to make disc-only wheels.

The G3 spoke pattern (where spokes are grouped in threes) that features on most of Campagnolo’s rear wheels now features on the front too, to cope with the braking forces of disc brakes.

Rim profiles are asymmetric to offset the effect of having a disc hub (the left flanges must move inboard, changing the bracing angle of the spokes) and the brake’s torsional forces. 

The wheelset weighs a claimed 1,675g – 135g more than the rim brake Zondas but admirable given the extra spokes and meatier hubs.

Verdict: Campag's long-awaited first disc brake wheel is well designed and admirably light.



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