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Giro Factor Techlace cycling shoes review

26 May 2017

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Giro’s Factor Techlaces are a clear development on it’s Empire design

The Giro Factor Techlace cycling shoes were created to satisfy Giro’s desire to make it’s Empire shoe more easily adjustable.

‘We knew we had a winner with the fit of the Empire,’ says Giro product manager Simon Fisher.

‘But we also recognised many customers still want to tweak the fit while riding, so we designed the Techlaces. They have the comfort and fit of laces yet the convenience of straps.’

As a result of this, the shape of the Techlace’s Evofibre SL upper and the Easton EC90 SLX2 carbon fibre sole are directly borrowed from the Giro Empire shoe.

Similar to the recent release of the Sidi Shot and their predecessors the Sidi Wire, the discrepancy between the Empire and the Techlace for the most part resides in their respective closure systems.

To my mind, the Techlace system is simply better than the Empire’s regular laces. Essentially they are a stylish reimagining of Mavic’s Ergostrap system.

Aesthetically, the Techlaces preserve the elegance of laces but functionally are much easier to adjust and are no less accommodating in their fit - there is still plenty of flexibility in where you tension the closure system.

Over two years of research went into the original Empire last to make it suit as wide a range of foot shapes as possible, and that is apparent - despite my wide feet not appearing overly appropriate for Giro’s last, which is relatively narrow, the shoes accommodated my feel well, with the upper adjusting evenly around my foot.

The natural amount of give in the laces matched the forgiving attributes of the upper and contrasted well to the positioning of the Boa dial.

That gives a definite, structural hold at the top of the foot, whereas the 2 lower straps play a more subtle role, helping to gently fine-tune the fit around the toes and midfoot.

What I think lets the shoe down in comparison to some of it’s competitors is the flatness of the carbon sole.

Bont pioneered the ‘bathtub’ design, where the sole is more ergonomically shaped so that your foot sits ‘in’ the sole, rather than ‘on’ it.

Now more and more performance shoes feature this design, but the Techlace is not one of them - with the upper closed comfortably, my wide, high arched feet moved around significantly on the flat (albeit stiff) Easton sole.

This is fine for normal riding, but if your feet are similar to mine the fit is not efficient enough for them to be the best choice to race in.

Riders with thinner feet may well not have this issue, making the Techlace best suited to them.

However if you have wide feet and aren’t planning to race, Giro’s Techlace are a light, good-looking and well-performing solution.


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Page 1 of 2Giro Factor Techlace cycling shoes review