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First look: DT Swiss PR 1400 DiCut OXiC wheels

24 Apr 2017

Premium looks and advanced technology meet in DT Swiss' new aluminium hoops

After much work recently on its range of carbon rims, DT Swiss has taken time out to produce a new performance aluminium wheelset, although you’d be forgiven for thinking these were carbon, such is their appearance.

It’s the result of a new ‘OXiC’ technology, a ceramic-coating process that the brand claims is extremely durable and provides high-quality all-weather braking without looking like a regular (read cheap) aluminium wheelset.

‘The OXiC coating is applied in a similar way to anodisation, by submerging the rim in an electrolyte solution while applying electrical tension,’ says DT Swiss’s Alex Schmitt.

‘Where OXiC differs lies in millions of plasma discharges that occur between the electrolytes and rim, which forces high temperatures and pressure onto the oxide layer.

‘This makes it melt, flow over the rim and solidify again, converting the amorphous [not aligned] oxide into a crystalline [aligned] one.’

We don’t claim to understand a word of that, but DT Swiss assures us the coating adheres so strongly that it won't flake off, and it’s so hard that grit in the brake pads won’t wear away the rim.

Verdict: Premium looks and advanced technology meet in DT Swiss' new aluminium hoops.


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