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Bontrager Velocis shoes review

Bontrager Velocis review
9 Jul 2015

The Bontrager Velocis is a superb mid-range offering from the American giants.

Cyclist Rating: 
Comfortable fit
Sole untextured so cleat slipped

With the ability to take advantage of Trek Bicycles’ vast R&D budget, Bontrager is rapidly developing a reputation for high quality cycling shoes to rival more established manufacturers. At £169.99, Bontrager’s latest offering, the Velocis, sits in the middle of its range as a performance-level shoe that remains competitively priced. The Velocis was designed to be light, stiff and well ventilated – versatile enough to perform well in most circumstances on the bike.

Bontrager Velocis Boa dial

The shoe’s lightweight carbon/fiberglass composite sole is not the stiffest Bontrager offer, rated 10 out of 14 on Bontrager’s ‘stiffness index’, and during hard efforts a small amount of flex was discernable through the sole. Although not ideal for race sprints, in every other scenario this does not subtract from the shoes’ performance: it aided comfort and contributed to an engaging level of ride feedback.

The Boa closure system is efficient and elegant, allowing you to quickly and easily fine-tune the fit of the astutely designed upper. I found the rudimentary Velcro strap slightly at odds with the precise Boa system but nonetheless it was an effective method to adjust the fit around the toe box. It is worth noting that the closure systems were never required for wholesale adjustment of the upper, thanks in large part to the level of ergonomic research that has informed its design: Bontrager’s inForm Pro Last fit technology.

Bontrager Velocis sole

The upper is top quality but as with many other cycling shoes nowadays, the insole supplied with the shoes is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard, providing sparse comfort and no arch support. However Bontrager do offer a heat-moldable inForm footbed optimized for Bontrager shoes that I would say is well worth the upgrade cost and would make this shoe hard to beat for comfort and support at this price point.

Finally, Lightening Mesh panels over your toes and a perforated tongue do a reasonable job of regulating temperature, meaning the Velocis fulfills it’s remit as a shoe for nearly all riding occasions, whatever the level or duration. And don’t worry gentlemen - they aren’t pink, they are ‘electric salmon’.

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