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Wahoo Elemnt Mini bike computer review

25 Oct 2017

Page 2 of 2First look review: Wahoo Elemnt Mini


An effective bike computer that gives a lot but could do with simplifying

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Value for money, speed sensor included, clear display
A few less features and a bit more refinement could improve the Elemnt Mini

First look review: Wahoo Elemnt Mini

Following the success of the Elemnt and Elemnt Bolt GPS cycling computers, Wahoo has introduced the Wahoo Elemnt Mini, its most compact and cost-efficient computer to date. 

Since the launch of the inaugural Wahoo Elemnt in 2016, the American brand has been quickly evolving its bike computers and now look to offer a user-friendly and innovative computer for under £100. 

At just £79.99, the Wahoo Elemnt Mini could quite potentially offer itself as the most capable entry-level cycling computer on the market.

With similar functionality as its bigger brothers, the Elemnt and Elemnt Bolt, the Elemnt Mini provides a rich bed of data including cadence, heart rate, text notifications and even enabling loved ones to track your ride progress with Wahoo's Live Track capability. 

In addition to its Live Track capability, the Elemnt Mini will integrate fully with the Element Companion App. The app helps users interact with their ride claiming to simplify setup, customisation and connectivity. 

Tipping the scales at a feather-weight 31.2 grams, the Elemnt Mini uses an efficient two-button system to control the 1.8" LCD screen. 

The only potential downside of the Elemnt Mini could be its GPS functionality. In order to record your ride with GPS, your Elemnt Mini will have to be linked to the companion app on your smartphone.

If you disable the LiveTrack feature, the computer can be used taking no mobile data at all. If you choose to use the LiveTrack feature, Wahoo claim that the Elemnt Mini will only use very little data per month.(<50MB per month).

Whilst the computer itself is a steal, this slight snag could potentially be the Elemnt Mini's only drawback.

The Elemnt Mini is available to purchase now and can be found at the Wahoo website,


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Page 2 of 2First look review: Wahoo Elemnt Mini