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Specialized launches complete new line of Torch road shoes

1 Aug 2017

The new Specialised Torch road shoe range will replace the current Specialized range below the S-Works 6 and Sub6

In a near-complete overhaul of its shoe range, Specialized has introduced the the Torch 1, 2 and 3 to replace the current Specialized road shoe collection below the high-end S-Works 6 and Sub6 shoes. 

Ranging from £80 to £200, the Torch range offers options from entry-level to high performance, carbon soled shoes, with three different choices for both men and women. 

At the top of the pile sits the Torch 3.0 road shoe, sitting at £200 for both the male and female options. Set to replace the current Expert road shoes, the Torch 3.0 looks to offer a stiff performance shoe built for racing at an affordable price.

Utilising a dual BOA closure system and weighing 248g a shoe ( one size 8 shoe), the Torch 3.0 looks to rival more expensive competitor race shoes. 

Next in the offering is the Torch 2.0, which will retail at £150, again for both men and women. Replacing the Comp road shoe, the Torch 2.0 looks to offer a comfortable solution to carbon-soled shoes, with a mesh and TPU upper that allow for extra movement within the shoe.

Weighing less than the Torch 3.0, at 235g a shoe, the Torch 2.0 will be available in black, white and red for men, with women getting the choice of white and black with mint green. 

Kicking off the range will be the Torch 1.0, Specialized's latest entry shoe which will replace the Sport. Like the Sport, the Torch 1.0 will remain £80 rrp for both the male and female shoe, using a three strap Velcro system with a reflective heel to increase visibility. 

The men's and women's will both come in black and white and will look to offer itself as the perfect entry road shoe. 


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