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Dry Patch Velo seat cover review

8 Feb 2018

A nifty product that's a smart buy for laissez-faire commuters

Cyclist Rating: 
Easy to carry around and store, comfortable, very neat looking
Can slip off of saddle, doesn't suit smaller road saddles

Buy the Velo seat cover from Dry Patch here

The walk from the Cyclist office to Charing Cross train station is a long one. On a good day, I can get from the train to my desk in 15 minutes. 

Usually pleasant, this journey turns ardous when it rains.  The walk from Charing Cross seems to last forever when it is raining, leading me to arrive at my desk resembling a drowned rat.

At times like that, the need for a bike to reduce my time in rain is paramount. 

My first thought will be to hop onto a Santander hire bike and ride to the office, dramatically reducing my time in the rain. However, being usually in chinos or jeans, I find myself passing this opportunity due to the sopping wet saddle. 

My tales of woe will probably bore you and draw little sympathy but there is a reason behind my venting. 

Dry Patch has entered the market looking to bring an end to soggy bottoms with their Velo seat cover. Retailing at just over the price of five single tube journeys, there is a chance that this could come to the rescue of all those plain clothed bicycle commuters.

The Fine Details

The first thing that strikes you about the Velo seat cover is how neatly packaged and well made the product is. 

The item itself comes in a small 18cm bag similar to that of a chalk bag used by mountain climbers. Attached is a carabiner to add to the outdoor vibe of the packaging. 

Once you unfold the Velo seat cover, you are presented with what is a clean and pretty piece of kit. Coming in a brown or black faux leather - polyurethane imitation leather to be precise - the cover has a classic vibe, almost looking more appealing than the saddle itself. 

The yellow stiching that furnishes the top end offers a classy touch, especially on the chesnut brown option. 

When to take cover

Due care has been taken into the development of the product, with a three layer system. The bottom chamois absorbs water whilst the middle 'medical grade' silicone layer ensures a waterproof cover but this will not solve wet bums on all bikes. 

The wide nature of the cover means that this is suited much more to town bikes that have more generous saddles rather than a thinner road saddle. 

Half of the testing of this product took place on my carbon road bike, something that I just as reguarly use to get to the shops as I do for riding in the lanes. 

When placing it onto my road bike saddle, there was overhang that whilst had no effect on performance, did look a bit misplaced.

The narrow nature of my road saddle also meant that the cover was prone to sliding to one side, exposing the still-damp saddle to my trousers.

Where the cover did excel however, was the wide saddles that sit upon the Santander hire bikes. This is where the Dry Patch Velo seat cover comes into its own. 

Testing this in some wet and wild conditions on hire bikes, I didn't once succumb to wet jeans, which was quite the relief. 

With its lightweight and compact style, it was also easy to whip out the cover and place it on top of the hire bike saddles before scooting off on my short journeys.

It made riding in the rain in the city a reality at any given time. Something that would have been only possible with the undignified outcome of a wet bottom.

Fundamentally Dry Patch has created a product that perfect for very specific journeys.

If you use your road bike to commute or dart around from place to place running errands in casual clothing, you probably will fail to see the benefits of this seat cover.

However, if you are partial to jumping on a hire bike of some kind in your local city to avoid the crowded tubes or buses, this could be a smart purchase that can keep you on the bike even in the wet.

Buy the Velo seat cover from Dry Patch here


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