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Alé PRR Ponente jersey review

Alé PRR Ponente review
3 Aug 2015

Winner of a grouptest, the PRR Ponente is an almost pefect summer jersey from Alé

Cyclist Rating: 
Cool and lightweight
Sizing a little on the slim side

While not the lairiest jersey we’ve ever seen, the Ponente’s simple but striking design certainly gives it a dash of Italian flair. Definitely one for hot days, its front panels are made of ultra-lightweight perforated material to let cooling air in (no need to ride with the zip open), while the back is more substantial (for sun protection) yet impressively breathable.

Alé PRR Ponente pockets

Fit is properly Italian (ie tiny) but with plenty of stretch so it’s very comfortable - we’d recommend going up at least one size from normal. The zipped pocket is big enough for a smartphone but offers no sweat protection. Still, for performance and style, it’s a great choice if you’re riding somewhere hot this summer.


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