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First look review: Bkool Smart Air turbo trainer

8 Sep 2017

Bkool releases new futuristic turbo trainer that promises to be one of the quietest on the market

Spanish indoor trainer company Bkool releases its newest turbo trainer, the Smart Air, the direct drive smart trainer that is claimed to be one of the quietest in the world. 

With a striking futuristic design, the teaser images released by Bkool shows a compact trainer, that elevates the bike from the ground and is only 41 dB at 35kmh. 

The design certainly catches the eye, with it minimalist features and clean lines. The lack of bulk makes it more of an appealing buy and easier to fit into a household.

Following the growing trend of smart trainers, the Smart Air will be fully ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible, allowing you to connect to Bkool's virtual trainer software, with subscription included with the trainer.

This software allows you to programme any route into the virtual environment with 3D races and virtual velodrome games also an option.

Additionally, the Smart Air can connect to Zwift, allowing you to utilise the online training game alongside this new turbo trainer. 

With a built-in power meter, accurate up to 2000 watts, the ability to customise and analyse training programmes with the help of third party apps like Strava.

The power meter will also allow a more detailed and specific training plan to be used, which in turn should have a benefit on our riding. 

Another noticeable addition is the use of the rocking system, which allows the bike to lean when being ridden, giving a realistic pedal action similar to that experienced on the road. 

This works in tandem with the Smart Air's ability to simulate gradients of up to 20%, allowing you train for even the steepest of hills.

The Smart Air will be on shelves as of October 2017 and retail at £1099


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