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Oakley Radar EV review

Oakley Radar EV polarized lens
5 Aug 2015

With the Radar EV, Oakley has put the Jawbreaker theory in a lighter and neater package.

Cyclist Rating: 
Virtually flawless
Polarised option is expensive

We’re big fans of both the Radar and Jawbreaker glasses here at Cyclist so we were pretty excited when a pair of the new Radar EVs came in the post. The Radar glasses are now on their third iteration and just going off their prevalence on the faces of pros, we’d guess they’re Oakley’s most popular glasses.

When Oakley designed the Jawbreaker its primary goal was to increase the field of vision available to athletes when they’re in low, aggressive positions. The Jawbreaker achieves this well but they’re fairly big glasses and because of the sheer number of parts, they’re quite heavy too.

The Radar EV copies this increased vision idea: the lens is taller and pushed further upwards so you don’t end up just looking at the inside of a frame. The overall coverage isn’t as much as the Jawbreaker but that does mean the glasses sit quite a bit further away from the face, meaning the Radar is less prone to fogging up.

Oakley Radar EV review

The other complaint we had with the Jawbreaker was that the hinging mechanism was quite bulky and distracting in the corner of your eye. Without the hinging mechanism that’s not a problem on the Radar EV so your field of vision seems even bigger, especially when checking over your shoulder.

Changing the lens is a little easier than on the Jawbreaker, as there are no levers to flip but you do have to touch the lens quite a bit more and cover it with mucky fingerprints. Due to the simple lens retention and O Matter frames, the whole glasses weigh a mere 28g on our scales so they’re totally unnoticeable when you wear them.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, when the time comes to stash them mid-ride, they fit well in the vents of every helmet we’ve tried.

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