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Cygolite Dash 460 USB and Hotshot Micro 30 USB bike lights review

20 Sep 2017

Powerful set of lights that will have you seen in at any time of day

Cyclist Rating: 
Plenty of light options, powerful for all types of day, lightweight, USB chargeable
A direct USB charge would be nice

Lights are a must during the winter. You may start your ride in bright sunshine but the changeable weather could see you suddenly plunged into darkness even in the middle of the day.

Besides this sudden change of daylight, with nights drawing in fast and the sun rising later, lights will be a necessity for anybody who decides to commute through the autumn and winter months.

A good pair of lights can be worth their weight in gold.

Cygolite has got pretty close to perfect with its Dash 460 front light and Hotshot Micro 30 rear light.

Bright light out front

Let's start at the beginning, therefore the front light. The Dash 460 is one of the best lights I have used.

Eight light modes make this useable at all hours of the day, from the dusky conditions of sunset to the pitch black night. Cygolite has provided an option for whenever.

With eight modes, compromise has not been made on the power of the light, with it producing 460 Lumens.

When riding along, I found that the light was reaching road signs in excess of 100 metres away as well as reflecting off of cars to alert me to their presence.

Besides the reach of the light, the steady pulse acted as a calling card to vehicles travelling in the opposite direction, making me feel comfortable that I was being seen.

The battery life is also more than reasonable, comfortably lasting me a week of commuting home at 30km a ride. Obviously, if you opt for the more powerful light choices, the battery will not be as fruitful.

Even if you do run out of battery, by using the simple USB charge you can have the light ready to go again in less than hour.

See, but be seen

Now let's move to the rear, and in many ways the most important, light.

Whilst the front light helps you see and alert you to oncoming traffic, the rear light does the more important job of making you seen to vehicles with an eye for overtaking you.

Yet again, Cygolite does not disappoint presenting a light that is certainly fit for purpose and keeps you well illuminated.

With a run time of 2.5 to 100 hours, the light can easily last for long rides in the country lanes or multiple commutes without the need to be recharged.

With five light modes, and a steady beam you will remain visible to drivers whilst also allowing them to judge your distance in the darkest of conditions.

When using this light, obviously I couldn't see it with my own eyes, but those behind me assured me that I was lit up like a Christmas tree.

At £90 for the pair, I would say these lights are very reasonably priced. After all, some other brands offer just one light for that price.

If you are planning any big rides over the winter or to commute to work by bike you will need a set of lights, and to be honest you will be hard pressed to find a pair at a better value than these two.

£54.95 for the Dash 460, £34.95 for the Hotshot Micro 30

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