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Rudy Project Tralyx and Tralyx Slim review

28 Sep 2017

Versatile glasses that are perfect for long Winter days in the saddle

Cyclist Rating: 
Lenses that work in all weather
Very pricey

Combining style and substance can often be difficult. Making a product that is versatile and robust whilst also looking good can be a challenge, and this is the case especially for glasses.

It seems often brands will compromise one for the otehr either focusing on how they look or how they perform.

The Rudy Project Tralyx and Tralyx Slim glasses are stylish yet also practical and versatile enough to be used throughout the dark and dreary Winter months. 

A photochromic and polarised lens that's 'unbreakable' and lightweight headline what otherwise are a cool set of glasses that can be used 12 months a year.

An unbreakable object

The first thing that I noticed testing these glasses was how well they performed in wet weather. 

Riding my 30km commute into work, the weather earlier this week was biblical when I left my house. The rain was thundering down, and showed no sign of stopping. Thankfully, the Tralyx was up to the task.

What usually happens to glasses in the rain is that they tend to steam up, impairing your vision, which usually leads to you taking them off wholesale. 

Coming to a stop at a set of traffic lights, I feared that this would be the same, as the lenses began to fog over. However, once I got going again, almost immediately, the mist disappeared. 

Riding through the wet weather I was able to see the road ahead clearly, as if it wasn't raining at all. 

A few days previously, I wore this on my weekend club ride in very different weather conditions. Late Summer sunshine blessed my 80km pedal around the Kent lanes. 

With the lenses being photochromic, it wasn't long before the glasses began to darken, shielding my eyes from the bright sunshine. When transitioned, the protection is further helped by the fact the lens is polarised. 

Riding with these glasses in polar opposite weathers proved to me that this product is fit for purpose through all months and all weather that can be thrown at you. 

Besides the lens, Rudy Project is also keen to highlight the fact that the Tralyx is 'virtually unbreakable'.

This first came to my attention at Eurobike when Alvise, an employee of Rudy Project, took me over to this mechanism that would have looked best placed in medieval torture chamber. 

Placing the glasses on the head of a mannequin and then into a transparent tube, Alvise dropped a heavy lead weight from a metre high onto the glasses. Lo and behold, the lenses were unaffected. 

So, I guess they pass the durability test. 

The real slim shady

New for this year, Rudy Project has released the Tralyx in a slim version designed for those with smaller, thinner heads.

The logic behind this from the Italian company is that cyclists tend to be smaller and therefore may need the option of a narrower frame.

Add into this that women tend to have smaller heads, and you have an alternative set of glasses that are not just suited to men.

For me, having a large head, the slimmer shades were not the right choice, but when my better half tried them on, they seemed much more suited and comfortable in her opinion. 

All in all, theses Rudy Project glasses make sense to me. A pair of sunglasses that can be used just as effectively in January as they can be in June.

The photochromic lens works almost instantly and the fact they are virtually indestructible means that you will not be handling them like an egg when riding. 

The only drawback however, could be the price. Being photochromic and polarised, it's understandable why these retail at £181.99. 

Yet, at that price point it puts it out of reach for a lot of potentialcustomers and places it against much more established competitors. 

Needless to say, I think these are very good at the multiple jobs they have been set out to do and should definitely make you look further afield when you come to buy a new set of shades for the bike.


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