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Ekoi Morfo One Size bibshorts review

5 Oct 2017

Ekoi is hit and miss with its one-size-fits-all bibshorts

Cyclist Rating: 
A robust and supportive feel
Still to understand having the chammy on the exterior

Ekoi’s website claims proudly that its Morfo bibshorts are a world first – the only bibshorts to come in one-size-fits-all.

There’s no option for small, medium or large; there is just the one size available. According to the French brand it doesn’t matter if you are tall, short, fat, thin, or somewhere in between, these shorts will fit just fine.

My first thought on receiving the bibs was: who needs a one-size-fits-all pair of bibshorts? It’s not like I’ll be sharing them with someone else who is a different shape to me. Why not simply buy a pair of shorts that fits and be done with it?

Obviously it makes good financial sense for Ekoi, which only has to produce one size of the shorts, thereby cutting out any wastage, but does it really provide any benefit for the end user? There’s only one way to find out.

The long and short of it

I have legs like an ostrich. They are so long and thin that they look out of proportion with the rest of my body, as though I’ve been put together by a child, using a blob of modelling clay and a pair of pipe cleaners.

As such, my legs are the perfect test for the Ekoi Morfo One Size bibshorts. If they can fit me, they can fit anyone.

Without a person inside them, the shorts are tiny and wrinkled. They look like Nairo Quintana has shed his skin. I was unconvinced I would be able to get into them at all. But once I pulled them on, they transformed.

It’s all down to the material, which is soft and spongy to the touch and stretches significantly in all directions. Unlike standard Lycra, which tends to be smooth and sheer, the Ekoi Morfo shorts are textured in a way that resembles a thermal base layer.

My initial impression was surprise at how well they fit. I was expecting them to be like a pair of hotpants on my extensive limbs, but the bottom edge sat fairly neatly across my mid-thigh. I would have liked them to be a touch longer, but then I say that about every pair of bibshorts I’ve ever worn.

The nature of the material (a mixture of polyamide and elastane) is that it allows the leg of the bibshorts to extend or retract without bunching, and my experience was that they adapted to my contours without any obvious wrinkles or overstretching.

There are also hardly any seams, so the shorts were comfortable to wear from the off.

Once on the bike, I found the Morfo shorts performed impeccably. They have a robust and slightly compressive feeling, which I liked, and they remained comfortable and supportive throughout my rides.

Their sweat-wicking properties seem to be as good as any other shorts I’ve tried, and Ekoi claims that they are naturally anti-bacterial, although I’d need to get out my amateur microbiologist’s kit to be able to confirm that.

The pad proved to be equally comfortable, although it does have the slightly off-putting aspect of being as visible from the outside as the inside. At a glance, it looks like you’ve put your bibs on inside out and creates some fairly strange shapes in delicate places.

Ultimately I was impressed by the Ekoi Morfo bibshorts as much for their riding performance as their party trick of being able to fit any body shape. Indeed, these could even become my go-to shorts – except for one problem.

When it came time to clean the shorts, I inspected the washing instructions. In bold letters it declared, ‘Hand wash only. Do not machine wash.’

I care deeply about the performance of my cycling kit, but life’s too short to hand wash bibs.

For more see Ekoi online.


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