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Scicon Race Rain Bag review

6 Oct 2017

A pointless piece of kit that you need to own

Cyclist Rating: 
Personalisation for free, endless room for kit
Price is a bit steep for a luxury

We all sometimes buy things not because we truly need them, but more because we want them. The Scicon Race Rain Bag falls firmly within this category.

I have never raced on the road. I have attempted a few local time-trials, tackled hill climbs and been part of some incredibly fast sportives, but I've never come close to emulating the pro peloton at my local road circuit.

Having never raced, then, you could argue that I wouldn't be able to use the bag to its full potential. But you'd be wrong.

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Plenty of compartments for kit, a stealthy black colour and most importantly a personalised touch with my name and the union flag are more than enough to win me over.

It's the best bit of unnecessary kit I have ever used.

A bag Mary Poppins would be proud of

Its actual purpose is clear to see through its name. This is a bag designed for riders to store spare kit during race days, allowing easy access to dry and warm clothing.

Quick-Step Floors were instrumental in the design of this bag and it now finds itself used by no fewer than six WorldTour teams.

Yet I think this bag goes beyond those that race on their weekends. I have ridden many sportives, at home and abroad, and invariably arrive at the finish looking for a dry, clean layer to change into.

At this point I normally turn to my trusty backpack, and after some time spent rummaging around I usually have to empty it entirely before getting what I want.

Now I have a bag with enough room for all my kit with each compartment handily labelled to remind me what kit to put where.

Each section is deep enough to fit your clothes, despite not really looking like it. Even without neatly folding my bibshorts, they still comfortably fitted inside.The main compartment is earmarked for shoes and covers and easily fitted both my size 10s as well as my sunglasses case.

The endless pockets for all manner of other products means that fitting an entire spare kit alongside jackets and warmers is no problem at all. 

The real winner for me is the option to customise your bag. It's a small thing, but does make you look and feel like a pro, all free of charge.

The guys at Scicon even managed to print the Cyclist logo on the side of the bag we received, which was a nice extra touch.

Some think that copying what the pros use and wear is uncool. Well I am telling you that it is cool. 

Taking my own race bag out of the car before a sportive with my name emblazoned across it certainly made me stand up straighter.

Buy the Scicon Race Rain Bag from ProBikeKit now

Inevitably, at £95, you will probably forgo this bag for something you need rather than want. It's a lot of money to spend on a luxury.

Yet sometimes you just need to treat yourself. Take it from me: the Scicon Race Rain Bag is one of the coolest bits of kit you have never needed.

For more, check out Scicon online.


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