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GoPro QuikStories app review

10 Oct 2017

An app that will keep you entertained but also drain your battery life

Cyclist Rating: 
Simple to use, plenty of customisable features for a free app
Drains battery life on phone very quickly

It often pains me that I cannot make good quality videos of my riding. I shoot my ride, take lovely pictures, get home and then attempt to collate them into one short and interesting clip.

Yet lacking the skills of a Steven Spielberg or Martin Scorsese, it usually comes out looking like a poorly edited collection of clips that don't really go together and have a song laced over the top that isn't in time.

Thankfully, the team at GoPro has attempted to bring an end to my misery releasing QuikStories, an app that takes your footage straight from your GoPro and makes it into a short video, all without you having to do anything.

Before you know it, GoPro should have you producing videos worthy of your name in lights on Hollywood Boulevard and an Oscar sitting on your fireplace.

As someone who is painfully below-average with cinematography, I thought I would put the app to the test and see if I could produce a half-decent film.

Lights, camera, action

App first, record later

Before you can go anywhere, you need to connect your phone, the app and the GoPro together in order for the images and video to transfer from the camera to the app. 

All this entailed was connecting my phone to the camera's wifi and pairing the two together. This was simple enough, taking just a minute but led to one problem. 

With my phone only being able to connect to one source of wifi at a time, your use of the internet on your phone is temporarily disabled whilst on the GoPro's wifi. 

Whilst it takes no time at all to flick between the two, I can see my patience wearing thin with constantly having to do this.

Ready to shoot

Get past this first phase and you are pretty much good to go. 

Using the camera is no different when incorporating the app. Riding around my usual lanes in Kent, I stopped to take pictures of pretty sceneries, my bike and even video a climb.

Being able to control the camera via my phone was fun and kept me amused whilst grinding up the steep gradients.

Back to the app, all you had to do was open the QuikStories app, drag down and, if your phone and GoPro are connected, the magic begins to happen.

You are then presented with a short film - with mine being around a minute long - of all the photos and videos you took on the ride. The next step is where the real fun begins.

Edit your own

I started playing around with the app and discovered that if you are not convinced by the video that has been made you can edit it yourself.

Options include adding text to parts of the film, layering filters across the screen and even choosing music to partner the video.

What's extra impressive is that it allows you to dig into your own music library, not just limiting you to the preset tunes.

My finished product eventually saw it take inspiration from film noir, placing the entire film into a pessimistic black and white filter adding a modern-ish twist with the accompanying anti-pop lyrics of The Smiths.

Share or hide?

If you dare, these videos can even be easily transferred to your social media pages for all to see but I decided to keep this one for me.

It was all fun and games, and I was happy with my finished result, until I realised what the app had done to my battery.

It wasn't even midday and yet I had found my phone drained of all its life in large part due to the phone constantly working in tandem with the app and camera.

Don't plan on using this app for hours at a time on the road because neither the camera or phone's battery will survive very long.

Unfortunately, this left a rather sour ending to what had otherwise been an enjoyable 20 minutes playing around on my phone post-ride.

Battery issues resolved and I could have been occupied for hours.

Besides this issue, for a free app, QuikStories is good fun and most certainly worth a download if you already have the necessary components to make it work.

App - Free, GoPro HERO5 - £259 RRP

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