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Chapeau! Club thermal jersey review

16 Oct 2017

A stylish jersey that will have you reaching for more layers

Cyclist Rating: 
Stylish design, comfortable and soft
Unlikely to keep you as warm as it promises

Take a look at most winter jerseys and jackets and you will usually find that they are either black or fluro. For some brands, it seems as if as soon as the weather turns, colour goes out the window.

Thankfully, the team at Chapeau! has bucked the trend with its latest club thermal jersey. With a colourful retro triple banded stripe across the chest, you are given the option of green or grey to add some variety to your winter wardrobe. 

However, with single days that can throw the weather of all four seasons at you, this jersey needs to go further than just looking cool.

A chilly Saturday morning club ride and a sun-drenched October afternoon gave me the perfect opportunity to see if this jersey lived up to its hat-tipping name.

Devil is in the detail

Before testing products, my usual method is to check the product's webpage and see if the brand have bragged about something in particular. This usually gives me a good starting point. 

Spend two minutes on the thermal jersey's webpage and the line 'we've obsessed over a lot of details here' sticks straight out.

Chapeau! goes on to underline the detail put into the shade of colour used in the stripes and length of the rear flap, designed for keeping your backside dry on wet rides.

This attention to detail is for all to see when it comes to the design of the jersey. The uniform check pattern that covers the jersey gives it depth and makes the jersey interesting.

It would have been easy to have just made this a green jersey but by adding a pattern it shows some care and simply makes this more fun to look at.

Turn the jersey around and you will see the rain flap. When on, you can notice that your derrière is covered and although I am yet to ride this in the rain, it is sure to offer some protection from spray.

Another added bonus, and something that I always appreciate, was the middle zip pocket. Water-resistant and easily accessible, this is the perfect place for your valuables on a particularly grim ride.

Chapeau! has focused on the fine details of this jersey but fundamentally what determines the quality of this jersey is its performance.

Winter warmer

In terms of performance, the club thermal jersey truly presents a tale of two halves. 

Usually I wear a base layer, regardless of weather, because of how irritating I find cycling jerseys, yet when on, this particular jersey feels more like loungewear or pyjamas making my usual rule redundant. 

This comfort is thanks to Chapeau!'s decision to line its thermal jersey with a soft fleece material. 

This fleece material however, also leads to the jerseys biggest downfall.

At 92kg - on a good day - and having grown up playing rugby in the Winter, I wouldn't say that I get cold easily. Especially compared to your usual lightweight cyclist who lacks the same natural insulation as I do.

Yet, half way through my ride on a mild October morning, I noticed that I started to get cold, particularly on my top half.

It wasn't long until I realised that the fleece lining that had been keeping me comfortable was also absorbing my sweat. Like a sponge the lining remained damp and began to go cold, in turn, making me cold.

Chapeau! says that this is a 'truly versatile three season jersey' but if I, a stocky filled-out gentleman, was already getting cold before we have reached true Winter weather, then Winter might not be one of those three seasons.


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