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Kalf Flux Transition windproof jersey review

20 Oct 2017

Kalf has achieved what it set out to with this near-perfect windproof jersey

Cyclist Rating: 
Keeps you warm and dry without compromising on performance
Slightly narrow on the arms

Kalf is a relatively new and unknown brand to the market but with a well-known and well-trusted exclusive retailer. Besides the Kalf website, Evans Cycles is the only place you can pick up the brand whether that be in store or online.

Making its name by producing the kit for this year's Prudential RideLondon, the brand has just released its winter range for 2017/2018.

One of the staples of the range is the Kalf Flux Transition windproof jersey.

Making noise in a market already packed with heavyweights is often hard, but after trying out this jersey, I think Kalf could be on the right path.

The best place to start will be to look at the jersey's windproof capabilities as, after all, this is what its named after.

The front panel of the jersey is a thicker, almost rigid material that is designed to keep rain and wind from your chest. You notice this tougher material when zipping the jersey up, as there is much less stretch than is usual in a cycling jersey.

After a few efforts and breaking a good sweat, I took to some long descents and exposed roads to see if I would be kept warm.

True to its name, I failed to feel the cold, with the jersey breathable enough to stop me from overheating and taking the cold sweat away from my chest.

Riding directly into the wind, I would feel it hit me, but like a good bulletproof vest, it stopped dead and was pushed around me rather than making its way through the jersey.

With such a hardy material, it could leave you worried that when the sun comes out and the wind dies down, you will be left a little stuffy.

This is where the back panel comes into play. Thanks to the technical 'ASKIN yarn' used, the heat is allowed to escape from your body and keep you cool in this weatherproof jersey.

In terms of technical features, Kalf has hit the nail on the head, but what really impressed me was the commitment to the finer things.

It may only seem like a small addition, but the Kalf Transition jersey has six pockets, double what is usually on offer.

Wear this for a sportive and you won't have the usual pain of overfilling pockets or worrying where you will keep everything.

The two side pockets make reaching for gels more convenient and that's probably music to ears of those too lazy to reach the whole way round.

The sixth pocket is zipped, which for me personally is a must for winter jerseys and is sure to keep whatever electrical appliances you ride with away from the weather.

Another small but welcomed touch is that the back branding, a capital K, that is actually hi vis. Reflective in the dark, it helps you become more visible which is important on cloudy, dark days in the winter. 

One note that needs making is the fit. Kalf says that this jersey is a race fit and I can definitely confirm this to be true.

When buying British brands, usually they are pretty true to size and if anything you can even get away with something a bit smaller.

Kalf, however, seems to be cut in a similar way to its cousins from the Continent.

I take a large in must cycling jerseys, except those seemingly made in Italy in which an extra large is always a must.

I tested this Transition jersey in a large, but honestly, I could have done with an XL. The rigid front panel restricts the amount of stretch. Also, I found the sleeves narrow for a large despite my thin, disproportionate arms.

I'm sure this would have been resolved by just sizing up.

The size guide states a large fits a 42 to 44 inch chest. Although at the bottom end of that scale, the jersey was snug so I recommend those interested in trying this product to size up accordingly. 

Kalf has impressed me with this windproof jersey. It has dared to say that its product can do something and it genuinely does.

Often, when looking for weatherproof cycling gear, we can all usually just look towards the same few brands year after year but this Kalf jersey really does hit the spot and should be considered the next time you're after something new.


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