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GripGrab Women's ProGel Full Finger gloves review

8 Nov 2017

All round cycling gloves perfect for those doing longer rides

Cyclist Rating: 
The gel helped alleviate numbness in hand
Too hot for warm weather, but not quite warm enough for cold weather. Reflective details started to peel off almost immediately

Danish brand GripGrab is well known within the cycling community for its large offering of gloves and mitts. Although it now offers a range of other cycling accessories from overshoes, toe covers to caps; gloves are still where the brand comes into its own.

I broke my wrist almost two years ago, and as a result get a lot of numbness and pain through the joint when riding. For me, finding gloves with the right padding is essential as it helps me to manage this pain a little better.

With this in mind, I was excited to test out the GripGrab Women's ProGel Full Finger gloves, as they feature GripGrab’s DoctorGel® system.

This has been developed in collaboration with athletes and doctors with the aim of reducing the feeling of pins and needles in the fingers secondary to compression of the nerves innervating the hand.

While riders of any level or discipline can experience this, studies done by GripGrab show that 70% of long-distance riders experience symptoms related to nerve compression.

The symptoms can present as light tingling in the fingers but can progress to more severe numbness and paresthesias. The condition is described as 'cyclist’s palsy' and the problem arises when a nerve to the hand is compressed between the handlebars and the underlying bone.

From my experience in ultra cycling, this is a super common problem, with many racers getting what we joke about as claw hands, where they suddenly find themselves unable to uncurl their fingers.

I have been using the gloves for just over a month now, and have found that the padding alleviated some of the numbness I usually get in my fingers.

However, as I have not been doing much over 100 miles, I’ve not been able to see if the claims that the gloves help prevent 'cyclist’s palsy' hold true.

Regardless of whether you are considering riding ultra distance or not, these are an all-round cycling glove designed for women with optimum comfort in mind.

With 4mm DoctorGel padding, GripGrab says they are its most comfortable gloves.

They are lightweight, flexible and offer good freedom of movement. The Velcro fastening makes it easy to adjust the fitting of these gloves on the bike.

They also have magnets in the wrists so that you can easily clip them together and stop yourself from losing one glove.

Finally there are reflective logos, however, after only a month of riding in them, some of these decals have started to peel off.

While they are full finger gloves, they won’t be quite warm enough for winter riding, as they are very breathable.

On cooler days I popped a pair of the GripGrab Women's Insulator gloves on underneath. They do also have a silicone print on them so you can use them on their own, but they made a great combination for the coldest weather.


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