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First look: Look 785 Huez RS

10 Nov 2017

Page 2 of 2Look launches 5.9kg 785 Huez climbers’ bike


French brand Look has opted for more ordinary aesthetics to achieve extraordinary lightness

Look 785 Huez climbers’ bike weighs just 5.9kg

28 June 2017

Look Cycle has begun a broad renovation of its brand with the unveiling of a new flagship lightweight road bike – the Look 785 Huez RS. It’s the lightest frameset the brand has ever created and will be put to use in the Tour de France by the Fortuneo-Vital Concept team.

The bike will sit in the as yet unoccupied category between Look's super aerodynamic 795 range of bikes and the endurance-pitched 765.

Ultra High Modulus Carbon

The Look 785 Huez RS uses ultra high modulus carbon, in the measure of 60 ton-force, to reduce the overall weight of the bike to a slick 730g for the frame, and only 280g for the fork. 

The ultra high modulus carbon is rarely seen even at the top of the cycling industry. The majority of high end carbon frames will use carbon with stiffness topping out around 40 ton-force and Look emphasises that only 10% of the frame will use these fibres.

Product managers are openly sharing the make up of the bike in an refreshingly honest approach to the marketing of the frame. 

The team replica Look 785 Huez RS with SRAM Red eTap has a total bike weight of 5.9kg. While that may be higher than super-light category bikes such as the Cannondale SuperSix or Trek Emonda, Look considers it to be superior in broader design and efficiency.

Tight design criteria

‘It’s not the lightest frame on the market, but it’s very important to Look, a French brand, that the reliability of this product is really, really high,’ says Look product manager Fred Caron.

‘All Look bicycles are made to not only meet the European testing standard, but exceed them by 60%.

'We don’t want to be the lightest frame, but the safest and most efficient bike when you ride it.’

Tube shapes

Look has rethought the shaping of its tubes for the 785 frame, in what Caron is calling Optimised Inertia Section.

It essentially means the tube shape changes from a blunt square profile at one intersection to a more traditional tubular shape at another: specifically that is seen in the downtube as it moves from the BB to the headtube.

The material selection coupled with the design of the tube shape means that the Look 785 Huez RS boasts particularly narrow tube thickness, sitting largely around 0.6mm for the middle of the tube.

The Look 785 Huez RS has also been composed of a huge selection of carbon pieces, so that the layers can be more intricately composed.

It uses 260 separate pieces of carbon for the frame, and 90 separate pieces for the fork.

Scaling down

The lower category 785 Huez comes in at 990g for the frame and 350g for the fork. It does not use the ultra high modulus 60T carbon.

It comes at a lower price, topping out at €3,999 (around £3,500) with Shimano Ultegra Di2 – an impressive move in affordability for the French brand.

The Huez and Huez RS will be built in both Tunisia and the Far East. While some will lament a partial turn away from the brand’s traditional European focus, it appears that the change in production doesn’t represent a switch in the traditional European focus.

Rather, the move is an effort to streamline Look’s global distribution logistics, easing the delivery of bike to the USA.

Preliminary European pricing is as follows:

Look 785 Huez RS

Replica Fortuneo €9,999
Pro Team Dura Ace €6,999
Shimano Ultegra Di2 €4,999
Shimano Ultegra €3,999

Look 785 Huez

Shimano Ultegra Di2 €3,999
Shimano Ultegra €2,999
Shimano 105 €2,299


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Page 2 of 2Look launches 5.9kg 785 Huez climbers’ bike