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Hestra Ergo Grip Race Cut gloves review

1 Dec 2017

A light pair of gloves that do the trick if kept dry

Cyclist Rating: 
Close fit and a long cuff to tuck into jerseys
Not the best at keeping your hands dry

Hestra is unlike most brands that you will see reviewed on Cyclist. Unlike the Castellis and Raphas of this world who turn their hand to all types of clothing, Hestra has stuck to just the one product, gloves.

A family business that celebrated its 80th birthday last year, Hestra's adventure into the world of cycling gloves is only young.

However, closing in on 100 years of creation in its native Sweden, Hestra's DNA resides in keeping hands warm so the odds were stacked in their favour at creating a top-quality pair of cycling gloves.

I always think that when a brand places a particular selling point of its product in the name it is dicing with death. This will always be the first thing that you look at.

Hestra has done this twice by calling these both 'ergo grip' and 'race cut'.

Starting with the 'ergo grip', Hestra promises less padding to improve braking control with a construction that is designed to give you a fuller feel on the handlebars.

Grabbing the handlebars, I can't say that I initially felt much of a difference to any other gloves I own, yet when it came to the first descent of the day, the gloves lived up to their billing.

As I braced for the fast, sweeping bends, my hands dug into the drops and I noticed that my large, farmer-like palms (evolved to carry eggs so I'm told) had plenty of contact with the bars, almost as if there were no gloves.

Constantly readjusting my grip on the brakes like a nervous tail-ender facing a new ball, I always felt in total control and never did I face a moment in which I was double guessing how much brake I had hold of.

Hestra also boasts of these gloves being a 'race cut' suggesting their lack of bulk would be perfect to race in.

These gloves wouldn't fall in to the 'aero' category but they come pretty close fitting like a tailor-made suit, acting as a second skin.

You forget that you are wearing them after a while and although the gloves are cut very close, I wasn't left feeling restrained at any point.

Besides these two points, the Hestra ergo race gloves have a few neat tricks for making life easier.

The tab on the cuff makes it just that bit easier to pull the glove on while the cuff itself is long and tucks neatly into a long sleeve jersey or jacket.

For when your nose gets snotty, because it will, Hestra has even included a nose wipe to keep your dignity, which you will use.

The garish yellow isn't for me and the orange alternative either, so in terms of option, I feel many will be restricted to plain black.

Besides the colour, my only other annoyance was that these gloves did let in the rain. It didn't take long in the wet for moisture to seep through the upper of the gloves and make my hands damp.

This was a shame, as in the dry, the gloves kept my hands very warm for how thin they are.

Regardless, I have been left impressed by these gloves from a brand that I hadn't heard of. Gloves are Hestra's raison d'être and it shows in this pair.

It be quite easy to fall into the routine of buying the same brands when it comes to cycling kit, because often, you can't go too wrong.

Yet, with what looks to be a very cold Winter ahead of us, it may be worth exploring a brand like Hestra when it comes to the essentials such as gloves.


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